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A five hour plane ride takes you to the other side of Europe

A five hour plane ride takes you to the other side of Europe, who would have thought?! I sure didn’t until I got on the plane last weekend to Chania, Greece. Chania is on the island of Crete, which is the southern most point of Greece.


Ireland from above

The week leading up to our trip, my friends kept talking about how they weren’t looking forward to the five hour flight in the Ryanair seats. Side note, for those of you that don’t know, Ryanair is a super cheap airline (I mean I got to Greece for 60 euro round trip) and it reflects it once you get on the plane. The seats are super uncomfortable and you can’t sleep on the plane because they keep all of the lights on and walk up and down the aisle selling different things the ENTIRE FLIGHT. No one likes Ryanair, but we all fly it because it’s so cheap. In fact, every time I flew this semester, whenever we would land, all of the Irish people (flying out of Dublin, that was most everyone on the plane) would cheer really loudly and clap once we landed. So that’s Ryanair for ya. Yeah it was a really long flight, but I had the window seat, so I was able to sleep a little bit and it was a really pretty flight, so it wasn’t terrible.


Bonnie and I on the beach the first day!


The walk down the curvy hill to the beach

While in Greece, we stayed in a nice little air bnb (basically people just rent out apartments and houses for people to stay in) in a super tiny village about twenty minutes by car outside of the city of Chania. When I say it was a super small village, I mean it. The entire village consisted of two convenient stores, a hotel, and one restaurant; it was super cute.

The weather in Greece was absolutely perfect as well. Everyday it was between 75 and 80 degrees, so of course we beached it all day, everyday. The walk to the beach was about 10 minutes and downhill, but it was so pretty. In fact, the first day we were walking around to find the beach I couldn’t help but just look around. The scenery and the buildings were exactly how I expected them to look (thanks Hollywood for the accurate visuals).


No filter! Walk to the beach!

For the three days that we were there, we made ourselves at home on the beach with our snacks, towels, a Frisbee, and of course the music. I seriously felt like I was on spring break….a week after I was just on spring break, so that was perfect. Laying on the beach, in the sun was so relaxing. In fact, at one point, after going for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea, I sat right on the edge of the water and the beach and just laid down so the waves were coming in underneath me.


Greek salad

After we had been at the beach all day, both nights, we would go back to our apartment, and shower and get ready for the night. Once we were all ready, we went into the town of Chania. It was so different from our little village, almost like on a different planet. The city was a busy place with a lot of people and cars (just like any city is), I wasn’t expecting that at all the first time we went down there. Both nights when we went into the city, we of course had to have Greek food. And wow, let me tell you. Greek food is soooo good!!!! Even the Greek salad, with the block of feta cheese, yum. Of course after dinner, we had to get some gelato too. It was like summer weather outside, so how could we not?!


Rory, Bonnie, myself, and Dillon in town one night for dinner!

All in all, Crete was amazing, and I really hope that I get back to Greece one day, it was such a cool place!

The plane ride home wasn’t as nice as the plane ride there was. For one, it was a night flight, and of course Ryanair had all of the lights on all night long (the whole flight was in the dark, we left around 9 and landed around midnight). Also, the fact that although we had sunscreen, we probably could have applied it a little more and a little earlier as well. You can all probably tell where this is going….yeah sunburn. We were all so burnt, but we didn’t care because we had just spent three days in Greece, and got some much needed vitamin D that we have been missing the last few months in Ireland. At least we thought we didn’t care much, and then we got on the plane and had to sit for five hours. WOW, that was the worst. The sunburn was so fresh (some from that same morning on the beach) and so red that the plane ride was not our friend. I think the worst part for me, was having to wear pants and sit on the plane and then the creases in my arms when I had to grab my bag or something because my legs and arms were so burnt. Oh well, it was so worth it (but when is it not!?)

As for now, I don’t have any more travel plans, except a few day trips around Ireland. This way I can actually do this whole study thing of study abroad, which is unfortunate. Only one more month left until I fly back to the states!

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