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Namaste and Sweat Away- A Week of Free Yoga

Who doesn’t like to take full advantage of free things, especially free yoga? CorePower Yoga offers a free week of yoga and other fitness classes to all of their new members. This is a great deal because a workout class can be anywhere from $5- $20, and even more costly in the Twin Cities area.

A little background: I consider myself to be an avid yogi. I have gone to a hot yoga studio for years and have mastered most of the posses including the headstand.

My boyfriend Alex and I decided to put CorePower to the test as we dove head first into a fit 2016 and here’s the results!!

Our Week at CorePower…

Day 1: Friday, Hot Power Fusion yoga, 4:30-5:30

All week long I had been super excited to start at CorePower! The sign up process was super easy, we then had a tour of the spacious studio, and immediately began our class. As soon as I stepped into the 107-degree studio I started sweating profusely. Multiple times I thought I was going to pass out from the intense heat and difficultly level, and at some points I even felt too weak to perform the next pose. It was a rough class, but at the same time, very satisfying. Afterwards, I can honestly say I have never felt better in my life.

Day 2: Saturday, CorePower Ryder, “RealRyder” cycling class, 8:30-9:15

I have ALWAYS wanted to try a cycling class. I could already envision myself riding in The Tour de France and cycling my heart out. The reality was this class was extremely DIFFICULT. It was interesting to see the type of people in the Saturday morning class- mostly older (and very fit) people from the St. Paul area. Within the first few minutes the entire room had steamed up and the intensity level sky had rocketed. The upbeat music and fun atmosphere dictated the vibe of the class, and yes, it was very difficult, but it was also a ton of fun!

***Note: CorePower got the best of us, and we had to take a few days off as a result of being extremely sore.

Day 5: Back At It!! Tuesday, Sculpt Yoga, 4:00-5:00

I had heard from numerous people that their favorite class at CorePower was yoga sculpt, so I was so excited to try this! Similar to yoga, yoga sculpt is a variation of yoga flow intermixed with free arm weight training and core. The class instructor had a whistle, and even had the audacity to blow it at me, pushing me to work even harder. This was another challenging class, but also very fun. One thing about CorePower is they don’t let you skimp on your workouts.

Well… Here’s What I Thought:

Favorite class: Yoga Sculpt

Take Away: Immediately after my first class, I noticed a positive change in my body. I felt more toned, and as if all the toxins in my body had been rung out of me. Even though I was very sore, my energy levels had increased. Yoga focuses on mind, body, spirit connections, leaving one with feelings of energy and positivity, and I can truly tell the difference in my body and mind after doing yoga classes.

Would I like to do it again? YES!!! However, CorePower is very expensive at $20 a class or you need to purchase a membership. Working out at a studio is also a huge time commitment. So sadly, I probably won’t be doing it again.

What Did Alex Think: I was very impressed that he went to every class with me! He also thought the classes very challenging, but the end results of feeling so good made it all worth it!

Check out the CorePower website for their class schedule and how you too can get your free week of yoga! [Copy and paste link into browser].

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