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Welcome to Finals Week

Just to lighten the mood a little, I wrote a short poem about Finals Week.


‘Twas the weekend before finals, and all the students are studying.

The library is packed with those who barely sleep,

But remember, you will soon have those finals complete.

Students study away,

Drinking Bené all day.

As classes come to an end, we spend more time with our studies,

And less with our buddies.

We could all use some motivating words from mom,

On the phone she says, “oh, honey, you’re the bomb.”

The holidays are in our midst

But hey, we can’t celebrate yet, we’ve got finals that persist.

Professors hand us the test,

And wish us their very best.

When the last finals are done,

We can finally have some holiday fun.


It’s that time of year again… it’s finals week. We all have to go through it, and yes, it’s horrible, but yes, you will get through it!

Here are 10 tips to make your finals week a little more bearable.

1.) Take advantage of Study Wednesday. In the past, St. Thomas has done a Study Monday, but this year, it’s called Study Wednesday! This marks the day after all classes have come to an end, and the entire day is devoted to studying for final exams. St. Thomas also puts on a study day breakfast.

2.) Review Sessions. Take advantage of professor lead reviews sessions for your courses. These are very helpful to taking your final exams. If your professor is taking the time to hold this session, it is in your best interest to attend.

3.) Back to the basics. Be mindful of what you are putting into your body. It is crucial to be putting the right types of nutrients into your body to optimize its performance. I know it might be easier just order a pizza, but be mindful of better options.

4.) Hydrate. Drink plenty of water. The average person needs about 64 ounces a day, and many people are dehydrated without even realizing it. I always start my day off right with a big class of cold water. This jump starts your brain and metabolism.

5.) Sleep, sleep, sleep! You will benefit more from sleeping than pulling an all nighter. I know it’s hard to get the appropriate amount of sleep, especially when you are busy and stressed, but your body really needs it. If you didn’t read the last blog on the importance of sleep, it’s attached here: Sleep Article

6.) Stop wasting time procrastinating. Find a study space that works for you. Don’t let other people or other things get in your way or bring you down.

7.) Break down your studying. There is an old concept of “divide and conquer.” Your brain soaks up knowledge with reoccurring exposure. With multiply exams to study for, it’s important to switch off between your courses.

8.) Do small things to reward yourself for working hard.

9.) Positive vibes. One of the worst things that you can do is go into a test with a negative attitude. You have worked extremely hard to get up to that point, and don’t bring yourself down with negativity.

10.) Remember this stress won’t last forever. Finals is a very stressful and intense time. However, in the grand scheme of things, it’s also a very short period of time. Once you get through it, you are done. Power through, the end of finals is so close.


Good luck with your finals, Tommies!!


Coffee Bené in the St. Thomas library

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