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Paying it forward

After coming back from a great Thanksgiving break at home with family and friends, St. Thomas was ready to roll for Christmas. With the huge Christmas tree up in the Student Center, and the tree lighting ceremony on Monday afternoon the campus has never looked prettier.

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As finals time is upon us, and we are all looking forward to a break from school, seeing family, Christmas trips, J-term adventures, or whatever it may be. Although we are all stressed and busy, I think it is important to remember what the holidays and Christmas are really about. I think sometimes we get so caught up in the moment that we forget what’s really important.

One way to take a break and enjoy the time is to pay it forward and remember what Christmas and the holidays are really about. On Tuesday December 1, two St. Thomas students, Louis and Zach decided to make a Facebook group to see how they could make others’ days and how they could get others involved. Here’s a little more about what they did in a TommieMedia article: This little act of kindness impacted so many peoples’ days here at St. Thomas. Initially Zach and Louis just wanted it to be for that one day, but they got such a huge response from the St. Thomas community to keep the group up and allow people to make someone’s day, everyday.

Another way to remember truly what the holiday season is all about is to pay it forward. There’s so many ways that people can pay it forward, and sometimes it could be small things that you wouldn’t even know changed someone’s day. For example, if you see someone struggling to carry something, ask if they need some help. Or something like buying an extra container of chapstick or underware and giving it to the homeless man on the corner of Cretin and Interstate 94. These small random acts of kindness can truly go a long way.

If one person pays it forward to someone else, the chances that that person will do something for someone else is really high. Paying it forward causes a domino effect.



To me, the true meaning of Christmas is not about all the food, or the Black Friday shopping, or the gifts, but it’s about spending time with family and helping those that are in need.

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