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Welcome to the Blog!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the University of St. Thomas WordPress Blog! Here is a quick rundown of what our blog is about!

I just wanted to provide you with an overview of what our blog is, it’s purpose, and what St. Thomas is all about. Liz and I co-run the WordPress Blog, and it’s our pleasure to provide you with a glimpse of what it is really like to be students here at the University of St. Thomas. First and foremost, we are students, but in between classes, homework, studying, and work, we do manage to have plenty of fun as well. We are real people who live real lives, so outside of the school setting we have taken it upon ourselves to embrace life in the Twin Cities. We face many challenges including what it’s like to be young adults who are making their way into the “real world,” but throughout this incredible journey at St. Thomas we have have encountered amazing people, sites, and plenty of adventures.

I want to start by giving you the chance to get to know me. As I indulge you in details of my current life, I feel it is crucial that you know my past background as well. As you know by now my name is Kate, and I am originally from Appleton, Wisconsin which is about 5 hours away from the Twin Cities. I am currently a Sophomore at St. Thomas studying Business Marketing, and from the beginning (and I know that sounds cliché, but it’s 100% true), I knew that St. Thomas was the right school for me. I toured and was accepted at 6 different private schools throughout the Midwest, but the only one I felt truly at home at, and just had a gut feeling about was St. Thomas. I am involved on campus with Tommie Ambassador, Women In Business, Campus Ministry, and I have two on campus jobs (I work as an office assistant in Admissions, and I am part of the University’s Social Media team). When I am not knee deep in homework and studying at the library, some of the things I love are fashion, good food (I’m a total foodie!), running and working out, blogging, and going on amazing adventures with my friends and family. As you get to know me more and more, you will see that I am spontaneous and always up for anything. My goal as a blogger is to give you a unique, yet completely real view of my life, and since St. Thomas is such a huge part of my life, I am truly honored to be able to share that with you through our blog!

I am just going to jump right into telling you about life at St. Thomas. During the week I work extremely hard and spend long days going to classes, working on homework, and studying. Over the weekends is when I typically have more time to do the things that I love which include experiencing new restaurants. As I mentioned before, I am a “foodie,” which basically means I love good food. This weekend was no exception, so with a group of fellow Tommies, we headed to the Nook which is a local bar and grill in St. Paul. Famous for their hamburgers and the small bowling alley in the basement, the Nook is always packed and full of life. A cool fact about the Nook is that it was originally founded by my roommate’s grandmother. It was started from basically nothing, and over the years with a lot of hard work, this family business has turned into a place known to all for the cool atmosphere, and food that is completely worth the 45-minute wait. You have to check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

The Nook

The Nook (492 Hamline Ave S, St Paul, MN)

Group of Tommies eating at the Nook

Group of Tommies eating at the Nook

Group of St. Thomas students outside of the Nook

Tommie Take Over at the Nook

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