About Us

312726_10150285071903236_327974318235_7568044_50494_nThe Leader Letter is an open forum from the University of St.Thomas’s Department of Leadership, Policy and Administration. It is a movement to explore varieties of leadership across the many contexts that harbor it.

As a form of organization, communication, power and influence, Leadership occupies vital positions in practically every field of human experience. Its relevance rings clearer as we witness greater inequities, greater sufferings, greater frustrations and greater helplessness. We are left to wonder how the road ahead is going to be forged.

The movement that the Leader Letter proposes is recognition. A re-cognition. Visiting the breadth of human knowledge and experience anew, from a variety of perspectives and having the courage to leave our prejudices and fears at the door as we do so.

We will attempt to raise debates, invite perspectives and opinions, celebrate initiatives and simplify scholarly research as we elaborate the many dimensions of Leadership.

Through this we only hope you join us to initiate, participate, network and rediscover our world de novo.

The School of Education at the University of St. Thomas

Located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, the school has a rich history offering preparation for Minnesota’s teachers and beyond.  Comprised of more than fifty academic programs across four departments, the School of Education offers you a breadth and depth of study, exposure to real-world problems and solutions, and the opportunity to develop your skills across disciplines.

Students often describe what they learn within our programs as transformational. Study abroad possibilities, small classes and cohort-based discussion groups give you the opportunity to stretch your beliefs, make room for new ideas and friends, and fine-tune your skills and ways of thinking.

Explore your skills in a way you never considered.  Develop new ones.  Transform.

Our Mission

Inspired by Catholic intellectual tradition, the School of Education educates practitioners to be morally responsible leaders who think critically, act wisely and work skillfully to advance the common good.

Our Vision

The School of Education will be a leader and catalyst for change through collaborative educational programming and research that responds to the complex learning needs of individuals and organizations.