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October 2011


A Trip of Miracles…

SienaThis past weekend we took a day trip with Father Carola to the city of Siena in Tuscany. It was a perfect day: bright blue skies full of warm, pale sunshine shining over the countryside. Just when I think life can’t feel any more surreal (I’m living inside of a postcard in Tuscany…), I get to experience, not one, but three miracles. Continue Reading


Sono una studentessa.

DSCN0793[1]I am a student. Here in Rome, this is not a difficult thing to remember. Not only is someone doing homework at any hour of any day in Bernardi (which serves a helpful reminder, Oh yeah, I have to finish that reading too…), but also because I am, in a sense, a student every hour of every day by virtue of being an American living in a foreign country.

I am a student at the Angelicum, learning that class is solely lecture and the professor doesn’t know my name, but is a kindly Dominican, so it all evens out. Textbooks are suggested, not required, and there are no Continue Reading


The Less You Bring…

DSCN0154[1]“The less you bring, the freer you are.” Dr. Reichardt stressed this to us during our Rome orientation sessions in St. Paul last spring. She was, of course, referring to the task of packing our suitcases for a semester in a foreign country. I kept reciting this phrase as a mantra during the summer as the list of what I thought I needed for Rome kept growing longer and longer and longer.

I realized, however, that packing an under-fifty pound suitcase was the least important step in preparation for the semester. Surprisingly, it can be difficult preparing for your time in Rome Continue Reading