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March 2011


To the Moon and Back

St pauls

Although I took a break from traveling this weekend, I was still very busy! On Thursday we celebrated a fellow Bernardian’s birthday. There was a delicious lemon pasta dinner, an awesome DP (dance party), and beautiful Praise and Worship in the Chapel. On Friday I witnessed the final vows of a religious Sister who the female Bernardians have gotten to know through Tuesday formation nights. Following this, there was a viewing of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – another beautiful event in the eyes of a particular Bernardian who believes that those who haven’t seen this trilogy must be cured. My third treatment is coming soon 🙂 Continue Reading


The Swiss know what’s up!


This past weekend I traveled to Switzerland with ten other Bernardians.  Our trip was from Thursday morning to Monday morning – don’t worry, we got back just in time for Dr. Coulter’s class! We stayed in a town called Montreux. Apparently it’s a very touristy city, which became obvious by prices at the restaurants (26 francs for a pasta dish!), but it was also small and very charming. Actually, it had a similar feel as Assisi, Italy. Our hostel was right on Lake Geneva with a breath-taking view of the Swiss Alps. The entire trip was fantastic: a clean and safe hostel, beautiful views, friendly locals, beautiful views, Swiss chocolate, and did I mention beautiful views?! Continue Reading


Up before 6AM again? OK!


This past Sunday a group of Bernardians went to Assisi for the day with Fr. Carola. It was roughly a two hour train ride there, which was very exciting for me because I had never been on a train before! A valuable tip I learned: Try to avoid using the train’s bathrooms, if possible… I have never smelled such a horrible stench in my life! Continue Reading


Trip to Bologna

Bernardi Bologna

This past weekend all of us Bernardians went to Bologna with our Christian Art and Architecture professor. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, Dr. Lev is one of the most sassy women I have ever met. She has so much spunk and feistiness that if she were ever in a fight with an alligator there’s no doubt in my mind she would win. Many Bernardians insist that she is a mix of Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter and Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus. Add her presence to the fact that this was our first over-night weekend trip and that Bologna is the food capital of Italy– you’ve got 32 very excited Bernardians and a recipe for a fantastic trip!  Continue Reading


Trip to Siena

Duomo di Siena

32 Bernardians + 1 priest + 3 deacons + 3 religious Sisters. What do they all have in common (other than their love for the Lord, of course)? We all took a group trip to Siena this past Saturday! We departed bright and early at 7:00am with the warning and challenge from Fr. Carola, the Chaplain of Bernardi, that: “In the past 12 years only one semester has escaped the use of vomit bags during the three hour bus ride to and from Siena.” Continue Reading