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UST Class Profile, UST Program News

UST Real Estate Class Profile: International Real Estate Development

Interested in what the UST Real Estate program has to offer? Students (both undergraduate and graduate) interested in International Real Estate Development have the opportunity to study in Grand Cayman (while escaping January in Minnesota!) Read on to learn what graduate student, Tim Lawrence, had to say about his experience studying International RE Development in Grand Cayman.

Can you provide a little background on what the overall course goals/objectives are?

We have been studying a large planned-use development on Grand Cayman called Camana Bay.  The project is being developed by Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Dart Enterprises.  So far, only a very small portion of the planned development is completed.  Dart plans to continue development in phases over several years.

Camana Bay, photo source: Dart Realty

Can you explain what your typical work-day is like when in the Cayman Islands?

Most of our time in the Cayman Islands was spent exploring.  We were trying to gain an understanding of the Island’s unique political, business and geographic circumstances.  Specifically, we were interested in the similarities and differences between the Cayman Island and other markets (both domestic and global) and the effect this has on Real Estate and Development.  We met with representatives of both Dart and The Cayman Islands Planning Department.

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UST Class Profile, UST Program News

UST Real Estate Class Profile: Information Technology/Geography for Business and Planning

In the Real Estate program at UST, students are offered an Information Technology course concentrating on geographic techniques for business and planning applications applied to real estate supply and demand, acquisition, disposition, and asset management analyses.  The course teaches students essential concepts in interpreting industry data necessary to make sound commercial real estate investment decisions.  Students gain a practical understanding of current real estate industry software applications vital to performing market analysis, financial and investment analysis, and feasibility studies.

Real estate graduate student, Sue Marshall with Marshall & Koopman Real Estate, recently completed Real 714 and noted, “What I was most impressed about the course was the introduction and application of extremely efficient and effective software tools which I could immediately apply in my daily real estate activities.  What were once time-consuming tasks, I can now complete in a fraction of the time.” Continue Reading