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Think Outside The Box

A little fun.

drawastickmanReally, this post is related to real estate – or at least the general idea is. Before you read more, take five minutes to visit and follow the directions on: www.drawastickman.com

Now, what do keys, balloons, swords, and clouds have to do with real estate? Read the rest of this post to find out why I think it does. Let me know if you agree, disagree or could add to my reasoning.  

While the phrase “think outside the box” is definitely overused, it’s the first thing I thought of when trying to figure out a way to make drawing a stickman into a blog post. Both stickman and the site creator, hitcents.com, thought outside of the box.

First, who knew what Hitcents.com was before clicking that link? They are a company focused on bringing creativity and innovation to businesses. Thanks to bloggers like me, they might just get a few more clicks and have a little more awareness built because they have something fun on their website.

Still, you may wonder how this marketing effort is related to real estate. Well, hitcents.com is creativity company. What better marketing than to build something creative to show what they are capable of. Now, for real estate, this answer could get fairly long if I give examples from all areas of the industry. For that reason I’ll just give one example. I would love to hear other ideas. If you are a property management company, it probably isn’t good to have prospective clients visit your office building for meetings if there is a lot of un-leased space or if the building is in need of significant repair. It is not showing them a good example of the work you can do for them. Instead create a strategy that shows your clients a good example of what you have done and what you can do for them.

Second, taking the time to be creative can go a long way in solving problems. Have you ever stopped to think about the reason for why you do things the way you do? Is it because that is how your competitors do it? Is it because it is the way that you have always done things? The stickman created a rain cloud to stop the fire instead of pouring a bucket of water over it. He also created a drain to get rid of the water instead of creating a boat. What areas in your business would it be beneficial to stop and think about changing to a rain cloud instead of a bucket or a drain instead of a boat?

Even if you don’t agree with my justification for why the stickman can be related to real estate, at least you were able to have a good five minutes of mindless fun.

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