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Location, Location, Location

Whether you are looking for ways to position Minnesota as a good location to buy real estate or simply need a reminder of why we like living here next time it snows, the Greater MSP, the Minneapolis St. Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership website is a great resource. Not only do they put together videos about the highlights of the areas on their  YouTube channel, they provide statistics to backup why this is a great area to do business (location, transportation, financing & incentives, demographics, taxes, utilities, innovation, the economy), to live (education, cost of living, healthy lifestyles, philanthropy and volunteerism, sports and recreation, arts and culture, shopping and attractions) and workforce information (labor force statistics and projections, wages, employment by industry and occupation, colleges and universities.)


Just a few of the reasons Minnesota is a great place to live, go to school and do business:

  • #1 region to be an urban cyclist.  Bicycling Magazine
  • More golfers per capita than any other region in America.
  • Top 4 states for workforce quality. CEO Magazine
  • Among America’s top regions for brainpower. The Daily Beast, 2010
  • Where you can get a good cappuccino and eat Thai food yet live on a quiet tree-lined street with a backyard and send your kids to public school. Garrison Keillor
  • Home of the highest per capita concentration of Fortune 500 company headquarters with 20 – and Cargill, the largest private company in the U.S.
  • Where you can hop on a bike, swim in a clean lake, then ride down parkways without leaving the city limits.” sustainlane.com
  • One of the top 10 best cities for young professionals. Forbes
  • Home to six professional sports teams and the 2011 sports facility of the year. Street & Smith
  • More theater seats per capita than any other region in the U.S. outside New York.
  • #1 most playful metro areas in America. Sperlings
  • 90,000 miles of shoreline. More than California, Florida, and Hawaii combined.
  • One of the best educated workforces in the U.S.  93% of adults have a diploma (#1 in the U.S.) 40% of adults have a bachelor’s degree (#6 in the U.S.)
  • Birthplace of Innovative Brands – Post-it Notes, Betty Crocker, Toro, Polaris, Rollerblades, Land O’Lakes and Caribou Coffee.
  • Fourth top job market in the U.S.  Forbes, 2011
  • Ranked #1 in civic engagement by Center for Democracy and Citizenship.
  • America’s largest mall, Mall of America.
  • Greater MSP ranked #5 among “Best Cities for Business.”  MarketWatch, 2010
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