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Student Profile: Thomas Ryan

RyanTom Ryan was raised around the business of real estate.  He is one of the few MSRE students who decided to pursue the MSRE degree prior to beginning his career in the industry.  For Tom, this has been a tremendous benefit, because he can learn from students with diverse roles in the industry and gain knowledge from their experiences and the unique perspectives they bring to the classroom.

A graduate of St. John’s University, Ryan is officially both a Johnny and a Tommie; undoubtedly this fact alone will help him excel in the real estate business!  Ryan majored in management and had the opportunity to learn about finance while interning for the Special Olympics.  His experience working at resorts in Colorado also taught him about real estate (not to mention skiing).

Ryan explains how he chose the MSRE at St. Thomas.

“Initially I was looking at MBA programs at the University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas and a few others around the country, such as Notre Dame.  I didn’t have the career experience yet for some of the MBA programs.  I had been hearing good things about the MSRE program at UST.  Real estate was what I was interested in already, and I hadn’t seen any other programs like the one at UST.  The curriculum looked good so I jumped in and tried it out.  I’ve really been enjoying it.”

Since the MSRE is a flexible program, Ryan has been taking three courses each semester as well as a course during the summer term to accelerate his completion of the degree.  The MSRE at St. Thomas allows students to take anywhere from one to four courses each semester depending upon their schedule and their job’s current demands.

Ryan envisions himself working in development and observes:

“The beauty of the MSRE program is it’s an all-encompassing high-level curriculum that focuses on all areas of commercial real estate; it gives you a taste of everything in the business.”

He enjoys the friendly interactions with other MSRE students who bring their unique perspectives to each class discussion, as well as the hands-on projects, such as one Ryan completed in the GIS (Geographic Information System) course.  “We learned to build maps on the computer from the ground up and to use information we gathered to solve a specific business problem.”  Ryan’s final project in the course analyzed potential sites for a senior housing development in Wayzata.

This fall Ryan will be taking classes that are vital to any real estate professional – Investment Property Analysis, Development, and Valuation.  Tom Ryan plans to graduate in spring of 2012 and explore opportunities in real estate finance.

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