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Weekly Update

Enjoy this list of articles and resources to ensure that you are up to date on the stories that are making headlines in the real estate industry

From Calculated Risk | Census 2010 Housing and Occupancy Data- The Census Bureau has released occupancy data from the 2010 census for 42 of the 50 states. This information is useful to gauge the extent of vacancies on a national and state level, and provide a trove of information for time series analysis. The article has an xls file of the data, as well as links to the Census website for more research. Finance and Commerce has a follow up to this story, in which they report exclusively on the vacancy and occupancy rates in the Minnesota market.

From Project Syndicate | Bubble Spotting- An interesting article by Robert Schiller  (cofounder of the Case-Schiller index) who shares his predictions of the next equity bubble, even though he points out several times in the article that predicting such events are nearly impossible. Despite this, he outlines several well reasoned arguments and points out some interesting correlations in market behavior.

From WSJ and NAR

From WSJ and NAR

From The Wall Street Journal | Discounts Expected in Spring Market A nationwide drop in housing sales and median home prices is not great news for the real estate market. However, looking at a more positive repercussion of this trend is enticing potential buyers off the fence with low borrowing rates, and prices that match the market realistic valuation of the property.

From Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors | Weekly Market Activity Report- Get the latest numbers on the twin cities housing market, as well as trends and analysis from MAAR.

From Finance and Commerce | Troubled Assets ‘Still Quite Plentiful’ in CRE Market- Finance and Commerce reports on the high volume of CRE inventory classified as distressed debt. Although there are many challenges for buyers and sellers in this market, there is also tremendous upside, due to the deep discounts available. With the right strategy, and enough equity to qualify for bank financing, investors have a huge opportunity to earn strong returns in the market.

From the NYT and HSH Associates

From the NYT and HSH Associates

From The New York Times | More Borrowers Are Opting for Adjustable-Rate Mortgages- Pinpointed as one of the major causes of the record breaking number of foreclosures over the past three years, ARM’s have been shunned and avoided by recent home buyers. However, this trend is reversing, as banks are beginning to offer more conservative ARM’s that do not include any of the gimmicks that enticed unqualified buyers to borrow too much money. The shift towards marketing ARM’s as a prime investment option for high credit borrowers is a positive sign that lenders and buyers appear to have learned some lessons from the last crisis.

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