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General Resources

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic offers students and new graduates a chance to gain quality career experience as interns. You will learn through daily, on-the-job interaction with colleagues and will become a valued member of the Mayo Clinic team.

Additional internships may be available but not listed on this page.

Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance

The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance offers support to Minnesotans affected by brain injury through

  • Advocacy and public policy
  • Resource Facilitation services, which provide personal one-on-one connection to information and resources
  • Case management for individuals on TBI or CADI waivers
  • Statewide educational opportunities
  • Outreach to underserved and communities of color throughout Minnesota
  • Statewide volunteer opportunities

Regions Hospital

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering, there is a good chance we have an opportunity for you!  Here is a listing of some of our opportunities:

Regions Hospital

  • Breast Health Care Center
  • Burn Unit
  • Cancer Care Center
  • Center for Memory and Aging
  • Complementary Care Therapies
  • Heatlhy Brain Patient Visitor Program
  • Emergency Department
  • Gift Shop
  • Guest Experience Greeter/Transport
  • Mental Health Occupational Therapy
  • Music Program
  • Nursing Units (including ICU)
  • Overlook Café
  • Patient Visitor Program
  • Pet Therapy*
  • Physical Therapy
  • Radiology
  • Surgery Waiting Area
  • Surgery Center Pre/Post Anesthesia Care Unit
  • Transitional Care Center Physical Therapy
  • Trauma Unit

Health Partners Clinics

  • Clerical support
  • Lobby concierge
  • Nursing units
  • Physical Therapy
  • Project Read
  • Sleep Center
  • Specialty Care Services
  • Pet Therapy (Riverside Clinic only)
  • Surgery Center
  • Digestive Care Department

Group/Community Projects

  • Support pillows for cancer patients
  • Knit/crocheted baby and pediatric items (including hats, mittens and blankets)
  • Clothing drive for mental health patient needs
  • Coloring kits f

Additional Search Engines for Neuroscience

National Science Foundation
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Yale Science and Engineering Research
Columbia University Biological Sciences


NYU/CNS: Center Neural Science

Summer Research Program 2019
The Center for Neural Science hosts a summer research experience program for undergraduates with an interest in neuroscience. Students apply for positions in a 10-week summer program during which they actively participate in research projects in the laboratories of New York University science faculty.
We match students to laboratories primarily on the basis of their background preparation and areas of interest. They work either directly with faculty or with graduate students or postdoctoral fellows. Each student conducts a research project under the direction of his or her mentor. The projects involve on-going research in the host laboratory.
The students are involved in all phases of the research process from experimental design to data analysis and communication of results. In addition to the research experience, the students meet regularly for neuroscience seminars at which faculty and graduate students of the NYU research community from the downtown Washington Square Campus and the NYU Medical School present summaries of their work, and the summer students discuss their own projects.
At the end of the program, the students each give a presentation of their own work. They prepare an abstract and write a journal-style report on their work, and give a 20-minute oral presentation in a special summer research conference. The primary goal of this program is to extend the Center’s robust neuroscience research opportunities to non-NYU students. Financial support is available to non-NYU students through the NSF REU-Site Grant.

Further information:
Center for Neural Science
New York University
4 Washington Place, Room 809
New York, NY 10003
Voice: (212) 998-7780


Irene & Eric Simon Brain Research Foundation

The Summer Student Fellowship Program is for Bright, Motivated Students who are undergraduate juniors or seniors, or first year graduate or medical students and are considering a career in neuroscience.

IES Brain Research Foundation Summer Fellows will receive a stipend of $2400 and are expected to spend 8-10 weeks (full time) during the summer, being trained in a first rate laboratory.

Applicants should arrange training with and be accepted by a faculty sponsor who is the head of a laboratory at a University, Medical School, or Research Instituted in the United States.

If interested, contact:
Faye Simon Harac
(973) 726-6218


Integrated Biological Sciences Summer Research Program (IBS-SRP)

In the Integrated Biological Sciences Summer Research Program, students do independent research projects with faculty mentors for ten weeks in one of seven research areas:
• Bioenergy
• Cellular and Molecular Biology
• Computational Biology & Biostatistics
• Environmental Biology
• Neurobiology
• Plant Development, Breeding and Genetics
• Virology

In addition to meeting with a weekly interdisciplinary group, students prepare research proposals, final papers, and oral presentations summarizing their work. Students also have the opportunity to explore the UW and Madison.

The range of biological research areas in which students may participate is quite extensive. Applicants are encouraged to learn about faculty doing research in their areas of interest, and identify their top choices for potential mentors in the application.

Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents between their sophomore and senior years who have a grade point average of at least 3.0 and strong interest in a career in biological research. Selection and laboratory placement of students will take place in January, February, and March. Applicants who are not placed will be notified by the end of April.


Center for Biology Education Program Coordinator: Program Director
Room 114 Brian Asen Dr. Janet Branchaw
445 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706-1577 (608) 262-5267 (608) 262-1182