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December 2013


Sorghum Syrup Production in Mali

This year a team of senior engineers at the University of St Thomas have began working on adapting sorghum stalk processing from North America to be used in Mali, Africa.  This process takes juice out of sorghum stalks and concentrates it into a syrup.  This syrup is high in sugar and will be used to benefit children by both supplementing sugar in their diet and increasing family income for the producers.  The team is working with ICRISAT, a  non-profit agricultural research organization, for this senior design project.

As a part of the project the team of 4 senior ME students, Zach Vaughan, Brendan O’Connell, Louis Kjerstad, and Joe Klinkhammer, along with two professors, Dr. Camille George and Dr. Greg Mowry, are heading to Bamako, Mali to conduct research.  The objectives of the trip will be to gather information and attain a better understanding of the cultural concepts of this project and to conduct material research.

The team leaves this upcoming Wednesday, January 8th, and will be in Mali until Friday, January 17th.  Blogs will be posted by the students throughout their travel, depending on internet availability.