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The Making of a Walmart Shopper

From Flickr user laurieofindy

I’m admitting something that may cause some of my friends to hate and shun me.  Others will try to change my mind, citing all the politically correct reasons why Walmart is evil incarnate.  I know I’ve crossed a line where some of you can’t and won’t follow.  But, in my little community – the southeastern-most section of Brooklyn Center – Walmart has become one of the places I frequent.

To be honest, the first time I wheeled into the new Walmart in Brooklyn Center this September, I wanted to hate it. Because it occupied the site of my former beloved Brookdale Mall. The working class version of Southdale, it of the famed animal-themed parking signs.

But, as I slowly explored the massive aisles and sections of the new Walmart superstore, it felt like I’d returned to my childhood. It brought to mind pleasant memories of the old Woolworth’s store at Brookdale and the Zayre Shopper’s City on Osseo Road (preceding Brooklyn Blvd.) and 63rd – places my sisters worked during high school. Continue Reading

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Save Thanksgiving: Petition to Target Gathers 190,000+ Signatures

savethanksgiving2On Monday, a Target employee delivered a petition to Target Corporation in downtown Minneapolis asking for the retailer to delay the opening of its stores on Black Friday.  Target is scheduled to open at midnight Friday morning to compete with retail giant Wal-mart.  Target is making it mandatory for their (scheduled) employees report to work at 11 p.m. Thursday night to gear up for the crowds.

More than 190,000 signatures of upset Target employees and shoppers have been gathered.  Employees are saying, “Target is putting us in a difficult position.  They are forcing us to choose between Thanksgiving, spending time with family, sleep, and work.”

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BizTube: Capitalism and Monopolies

All I Needed to Know about Business I Learned from YouTube

Before you curse me for wasting one minute and thirty seconds of your life, allow me to explain the business lesson learned from this, um, inspiring video.

Those of you in the Minneapolis area, did you ever shop at the local grocery, Almsted’s Supervalu Foods, in St. Louis Park? If not, you have missed your opportunity because in September 2011 it was ruthlessly squashed out of the market by the big, mean chain store superpower Rainbow, a Roundy’s subsidiary. Other large grocery chains have also been accused of such Godzilla-esque behavior, but no company enjoys the loathing of a portion of the American population like Walmart, the biggest monster of all.

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