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Where are you on the “Social Media Career and Engagement Curve”?

imagesMany of our posts on the Opus Magnum blog pertain to the ever-increasing usage of social media in our personal and professional lives.  As Facebook, Twitter, and blogs become part of our daily activities, many business-people are concerned about how to manage their social media content to strengthen their social connections while maintaining a professional image. 

Nathan Kring, Harvard MBA graduate and co-founder of social media strategy and consulting firm Catchfire Media, recently analyzed best practices in social media usage for business professionals.  In his article “Using Social Media Personally and Professionally: Where Do You Fit?”, Kring offers examples of people in various stages of their careers and provides recommendations for the most effective use of social media vehicles for each. 

The bottom line?  It’s almost impossible to find an industry that does not use social media, and professionals need to become savvy about using social media tools to support their career development.  Kring provides a compelling example of how even high-level military officers are making use of social media.

Since we usually highlight UST graduates and local business stories on this blog, you might be wondering why I’m writing about a Harvard MBA who runs a company based in Des Moines.  Well, Nathan Kring is a high school classmate of mine whom I reconnected with on Facebook–and I became aware of his company’s blog through a post on his Facebook page.  The power of social media networking, indeed.

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UST MBA alumna leads social media recruiting revolution

UST MBA alumna Stacy Van Meter doesn’t take the typical approach to employee recruitment.  As she notes on her Linkedin profile summary, “I have a geeky dedication to developing creative solutions to complex business problems.”  Stacy Van Meter

In her role as the Talent Community Manager and Social Media Strategist for Deluxe Corporation, Van Meter has moved her company away from traditional job postings listing requirements and job duties.  In their place, she has harnessed the power of social media tools to create ways to interact with prospective employees.  Van Meter encourages managers to film short videos describing open positions to applicants.  She has created a strong company presence on Facebook and Twitter to provide company information and advertise job openings.  The Facebook site alone attracts tens of thousands of visitors each month. Continue Reading

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Finding balance between social media and “real life”

unplugRecently, I happened upon one of my favorite blogs only to read an entry that dealt with the importance of boundaries when it comes to being “plugged in.”  In an age where social media reigns and networking is continuous, it got me thinking about boundaries and to a greater extent how much balance people have in their lives.  It’s one thing to own an Iphone or regularly check your wall on Facebook, but how much time and energy should one expend each day in order to remain connected?  What happened to remaining balanced?   So many people are attached to BlackBerries and laptops.  Blogging, tweeting, text messaging, and emailing are as natural as breathing.  Do they have to be?  Must we remain open and available to all calls, text messages, and tweets that come in every 24 hours?    Continue Reading

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Are you part of the social media revolution?

logorunner_social_bookmarking_iconsIt sometimes seems that there’s a new social networking platform launched every day.  Facebook tends to get the most press, but Twitter isn’t far behind.  One that all MBAs (and prospective MBAs) should be aware of is LinkedIn.  As this recent article from Edison Research shows, LinkedIn has been growing rapidly over the past 3 years.  It provides you with an opportunity to strengthen your exisiting professional network as well as make new contacts by connecting with your colleagues’ networks.  As the old adage goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” 

The Opus College of Business is taking an active part in the social media revolution, and we encourage you to include us in your networks.  Interact with us on our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.  Who knows what great business connections you might make?

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Is there an “invisible hand” of social media?

From MinnPost:

The word cloud you see above shows us how far we still have to go in understanding social media and how to use it.

It comes from Rob Key, founder and CEO of Converseon, a New York social media consultancy. Using conversation mining technology, Converseon captured the conversations in social media about social media itself. The larger the word, the more often it’s used.

This is an interesting phenomenon. One thing I noticed specifically is how small the word “blogs” is. I wonder if blogs are decreasing in popularity already, or if they aren’t seen as “social” media or if they are already “old/traditional” media in the world of marketing on Facebook and Twitter (I had to get those in there so we could make it in to the word cloud). The blog continues: Continue Reading

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Opus College of Business Wins Promotional Excellence Award

The University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business has been selected as the winner of the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals’ (NAGAP) 2010 Promotional Excellence Award.

The Promotional Excellence Award recognizes best practices in using social media to engage prospective students. The Opus College of Business is being recognized for its combined use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs to create an engaged and growing on-line community. Continue Reading

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Join in our Social Media Contest

Spring, outside my window on campus.

Spring, outside my window on campus.

Looking out my window this afternoon, the temperatures are rising and the leaves are budding on the trees. My walk to the bus each morning is getting easier and easier as I don’t have to wear as heavy of a coat. So–as Spring comes to the Twin Cities and to the campuses of UST, we’ve decided to try something new.

Check out our Facebook Fan Page:

Win a cooler full of Skittles! Take a picture of a “sign of spring” on one of our 2 campuses or 2 satellite locations, become a fan and post your photo to our Facebook page. Drawings held April 15.

and our Twitter feed:

Win a cooler full of Skittles! Tweet @USTbusiness to enter the April 15 drawing.

Day 2: Tweet @USTbusiness to enter the April 15 drawing. Yup, we’re really giving away a cooler full of Skittles!

I’ll go ahead and post a link to this blog entry on both, as my own entry! I heard discussions they were going to give away Peeps, but I like Skittles better.

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Trend Spotting: Social Media in Higher Ed

When is the last time you watched a video on YouTube? Posted a comment on Facebook? Tweeted? Chances are if you spend time online, you use social media. A recent Knowledge Networks report found that 83 percent of the online population (ages 13-54) use social media. These tools allow all of us to participate in, and contribute to, the greater conversation.

Within the Opus College of Business, we are using social media software – blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and more – to extend our busy and engaging academic environment into the public sphere. Continue Reading

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UST MBA’s Social Media

Compliments of UST MBA’s The Evening News: If you would like to visit us online, here are some sites for you to check out and join:

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Finding a job…on Twitter

I really feel like I could just re-Tweet this New York Times headline, but at the same time it seems like a worthwhile post here: “Twitter Could Become the Unemployed’s Best Friend.”

One of Twitter’s advantages is that unlike e-mail messages or Facebook updates, tweets can reach an unknown audience — a benefit that recruiters, human resources departments and job-seekers are fast discovering. Continue Reading