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Minneapolis a Best Place for Business and Careers says Forbes

By Dan Jackson, MBA ’12

Forbes magazine recently released their new “Best Places for Business and Careers” list. The list shows that the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have moved up in their ranking, and now sit at #22 amongst the 100 cities that were ranked.  The list below, which can also be viewed on the website, shows the subcategories and their individual rank that help to comprise the total for the overall rank.  Having been born and raised in Minneapolis, I thought I would provide a personal snapshot of experiences of these subcategories and how they contribute to the overall rank.

How Minneapolis Measures up in Forbes’ Subcategories:

  • #1 = America’s Safest Cities
  • #19 = Best Cities for Singles
  • #20 = Education
  • #104 = Job Growth
  • #156 = Cost of doing business

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Life Beyond the Midwest

As a non-native Minnesotan one thing that strikes me is how loyal Minnesotans are to this land of 10,000+ lakes.   Don’t get me wrong, this state, specifically the Twin Cities, has much to offer from boasting home to 20  Fortune 500 companies (third largest of any U.S. metro) to an array of outdoor adventures appeasing any REI enthusiast.  However, having grown up and spent most of my adult life on the west coast, I find this geographic devotion unusual.  Many of the friends I grew up with have traveled outside of CA for work and accepted job transfers to other regions in the US.  This readiness to relocate is not typical of Minnesotans and according to a recent Harvard Business Review article, this unwillingness to take your job search national might not be the wisest decision, particularly if you are a recent graduate.

With an unemployment rate that is improving but still hovering around 9%, being open minded about location is wise for a job seeker.  The number of workers who relocated for work was at a record low in 2011 (11.2%), down from 20% in 1985. Yet 32% of companies say they would be willing to pay for relocation expenses for the right hire.  So why the disconnect?  There are several reasons why many Americans stay rooted ranging from fear of the unknown to family obligations.

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Minnesota: The Rankings Don’t Lie

UST MBA VolunteersThis post comes from the Fall 2011 edition of B. Magazine, and is by Grace Hertel ’11

It’s time for Minnesota to dust off its trophy case. In the past 10 years, the nation has realized what we at the Opus College of Business have known all along – that Minnesota is a great place to live, work and play.

Sure, we make hot dish and can claim the Coen brothers as kin, but recent nationwide rankings have provided a new glance into what makes Minnesota so superb. For example, did you know Minnesota has one of the fewest populations of couch potatoes? And a few months ago, the Twin Cities gained the title of “Most Hipster State.” While I agree we’ve got plenty of hip go-getters out and about at any given time (have you been to Minneapolis’ Uptown recently?), there are several notable rankings that highlight the true spirit and culture of Minnesota. Continue Reading

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Twin Cities Industrial Market Still Sluggish

Cross posted from UST’s Real Estate Matters blog, offering views and views about the world of real estate.

UST's downtown Minneapolis campusHere is a recent article by Burl Gilyard, a staff writer for Finance and Commerce, regarding the Industrial Property Market here in the Twin Cities. While the news is not great it does show some movement in a better direction.

The good news about the industrial real estate market in the Twin Cities? It’s not quite as bad as last year.

The overall Twin Cities industrial market posted negative absorption of 705,000 square feet over the last year, according to the annual survey by the Minnesota chapter of NAIOP. While the market is still losing ground, it’s a better showing than the negative absorption of 1.7 million square feet posted last year.

But it’s a stark change from the reporting periods of 2006-2008, Continue Reading

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My daily business ‘cycle

Why Am I Doing This?!

Every morning as I huff my way up the St. Clair Avenue hill in St. Paul, the “why” question runs through my head. Is it to save money? Yes. Is it to stay healthy? Yes. Is it to help the environment? Yes. But when I run into a sudden rain shower and arrive at work soaked to the skin, or I have to fix a flat half-way to work, or when it is 25 degrees with a stiff breeze and my tears freeze in my beard, the obvious question to ask is whether it is worth the hassle. For me, and nearly 4% of the commuters in the Twin Cities, the answer is a resounding yes.


Bikes lined up outside the IDS Center

So what is it about Minneapolis and St. Paul that makes bicycle commuting so popular? In the latest surveys taken, we rank number 2 (behind Portland) among US cities for percentage of people commuting by pedal-power. By most other surveys, we rank somewhere in the top 10 for  being “bicycle-friendly”. Continue Reading