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Students planning club for minorities in business

A statue of Saint Thomas Aquinas

As a school, we have long distinguished ourselves as a leader in business education, and we are in the process of distinguishing ourselves as a leader in our engagement and support of an increasingly diverse professional community, here in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and throughout the Midwest. Therefore it is very timely that we’d see student organizations springing up on our campus in response to the intersection of these two forces. Our student news site, Tommie Media, recently reported that a group of St. Thomas students are planning a business club for minorities and expect to officially launch it this fall:

Sophomore Sarah Ubani came up with the idea of establishing the business club, which specifically caters to minority students. Continue Reading

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St. Thomas senior, graduate become Winter Carnival royalty

Madalyn Dosch, a 2008 St. Thomas graduate, is crowned Queen of the Snows at St. Paul's Winter Carnival. (Darrin Johnson/Saint Paul Winter Carnival Photography)

Madalyn Dosch, a 2008 St. Thomas graduate, is crowned Queen of the Snows at St. Paul's Winter Carnival. (Darrin Johnson/Saint Paul Winter Carnival Photography)

It may bes another cold morning, but as Minnesotans we’re proud of our weather as evidenced by the St. Paul Winter Carnival.

As our campus news, Tommie Media reports: A St. Thomas senior and a 2008 graduate were part of the 2011 St. Paul Winter Carnival royal family. This year’s West Wind princess crown belongs to senior Bridget Rissmann. Graduate Madalyn Dosch was crowned the carnival’s Queen of the Snows.

“Going to St. Thomas really was three years of service for me,” Dosch said. “I learned values of community and what it means to have a really strong network of friends and family because they’re there to support you.”

More information on the carnival and the coronation are available from Tommie Media and the Pioneer Press.

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Students should rethink study habits, new research shows

With midterms approaching quickly it is apt that we consider the best ways to learn and study. The following article, by Valerie Turgeon, is reprinted from Tommie Media.

It’s never too late to change the way you learn, according to a recent New York Times article.


The recent New York Times article suggests changing study locations could help students make connections. (Valerie Turgeon/TommieMedia)

The article, “Forget what you know about good study habits,” explains that recent research supports the idea that some study strategies work better than others.

For example, the research show that studying in the same place all the time is not as effective as moving around and changing study locations.

Academic Support Center Director David Moore said they usually tell students to find a good, quiet location so they can completely focus.

“But this research is pretty interesting,” Moore said. “If you’re doing things in different places, your mind might make better connections.” Continue Reading