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UST MBA/JD Profile: Max Shapiro

20120828_Shapiro_Max_01Instead of focusing on making his voice heard, Max Shapiro already aspires to something loftier: to be the voice for those that go unheard. Shapiro is in his second year of St. Thomas’ dual degree JD/MBA program, a joint venture between the School of Law and Opus College of Business that will ultimately supply him with degrees in both law and business.

While working toward his bachelor’s degree in leadership and management at St. Thomas, Shapiro felt torn between law school and business school. An information session he attended his junior year for the School of Law’s newly-launched Tommie Law Early Admission Program, an opportunity that exempts students from taking the LSAT and compresses a would-be five years of study into four, ended up winning him over. He later decided to add the MBA to make room for more opportunity. Shapiro has already completed the exclusively-law first year of the program and is working through the exclusively-business second year; years three and four are hybrids of both disciplines, meaning Shapiro will be switching between the two schools next year.

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What it’s like to be an MBA student: Case Studies

By Ujin Han ’12 M.B.A.

When you’re an MBA student, you soon realize that you now have a new best friend: case studies. You spend many long hours with this new friend, getting know all the facts, both qualitative and quantitative, looking at the situation from different perspectives, discussing with your classmates about what’s right, what’s wrong, and what to do…

About half way through the semester, after many (sometimes frustrating) discussions with your professors and classmates (who always tell you you’re wrong), you begin to wonder, “why is this case study ruining my good night’s sleep and my weekend? Go away!”

Margaret Andrews, an Associate Dean of Management Programs at Harvard University, suggests in an Inside Higher Ed blog that case study discussions are a lot like setting strategy. How? “Both are team sports, involve a lot of information, require fresh perspectives and dialogue—and are, at times, messy processes.”

She lists seven ways they are similar, but my favorites are: Continue Reading

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“Fall Back” and Fall Asleep

Autumn has come and gone, but many of us in the Midwest (with the above average temperatures) continue to fool ourselves that it’s just late summer or the early part of fall.  Winter is still months away!  I think not.  Winter is right around the corner and turning back the clocks not only marks the end of daylight savings but a season change.  As a result of turning back the clocks, we experience darkness at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, colder weather and changes in people’s moods due to their lack of sleep.

Being productive at work requires people to be positive, well-rested employees.  Let’s look at some practical ways to ease into another season and hopefully get some sleep.

Instead of staying up until 11pm (your regular bedtime) take advantage of the extra hour of sleep, go to bed at 10pm.  Let’s face it, many people are already sleep deprived because of their busy work/life schedules, so why make things more difficult on our bodies?  Catch up on your Zzz’s.  Avoid watching TV or surfing the net before bedtime.  The light emitted from these devices will actually stimulate your brain and give you that “second wind” effect.  You’ll find yourself staying up later than you may have hoped and then battling your alarm clock in the morning.  Instead, cozy up with a book.  When you start feeling sleepy or find yourself nodding off, go to bed. Continue Reading

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Summers Off?

Smooth Sailing in MinneapolisMany people ask me if I have my summers off. I think because I work in education, they imagine that I enjoy summers at the lake, sending my daughter to tennis camp and walking my dog to Minnehaha Falls to take in the sights and sounds of the season. Now keep in mind I do spend time at the lake (on weekends), playing with my daughter (in our backyard) and walking my dog (after work), but I also enjoy my summers at UST meeting new students, reconnecting with alumni and planning another year of amazing student life activities. And, I love it.

I’ve been working in student services for more than 20 years and every day brings new excitement. For example, the advisors in the Full-time UST MBA program meet individually with every incoming student over the summer. We walk them through the program and provide a glimpse of what their next two years will look like from an academic and co-curricular standpoint. They get one-on-one time with staff to ask questions and learn more about UST. And during these meetings I’ve met some amazing people; a new dad, a college football fan, a professional athlete and so many others. Meeting new people never gets old.

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Brave New Workshop helps MBAs get in touch with their feelings

This blog post was contributed by Sara Christenson, a first-year Full-time UST MBA student.

As MBA students we are used to making the declaration “I think….” But the Brave New Workshop Creative Outreach team challenged us to make different declarations at the the session they led for us on April 14.

bnwlogotype_square1Brave New Workshop, the country’s oldest continuously operating comedy improv troupe, is based in Minneapolis.  In addition to regularly scheduled performances at their Uptown theater, Brave New Workshop also offers a Creative Outreach division that provides customized training and entertainment events for corporations, universities, and other organizations.  The goal of these events is to help teams work on their creative confidence.

When was the last time an MBA student declared her feelings?  That’s a great question!  I wasn’t sure.  It made us all think about the way that we communicate.  If we really tell people how we feel, will they react differently?  Will we have more positive communication because people actually understand who we are and what we want to accomplish?  The Brave New Workshop facilitators encouraged us to stand up and declare our answers to these statements:

“I want….”

“I need….”

“I feel….”

“I am….”

The students, staff, and faculty who attended had fun yelling out how great clams are and sharing claps, but we all walked away thinking about the way we communicate and the ways we could be better at it.  Everyone at the event wants and needs the Brave New Workshop team to come back next year, and we’re currently working to schedule another event for the incoming students in the fall!

The UST chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) sponsored the Brave New Workshop event.

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UST MBA victorious in 4th Annual Hockey Cup

MBA hockey team (in purple) in action against the Law School team

MBA hockey team (in purple) in action against the Law School team

It’s become a fierce rivalry in just four short years: the annual battle between UST’s MBA and JD students on the hockey rink. The MBA students won the first “11th Street Hockey Cup” in 2008, but the law students have been victorious for the past two years.

Last Friday night, March 11, the rivalry was renewed at the Augsburg Ice Rink.  The teams remained scoreless through the first two hard-fought periods as a number of MBA players, including Kyle Jorgenson, Shea Sajevic, and Ben Ebeling, each made several shots on goal.  First-year MBA student Patrick Siering broke the game open early in the third period with a goal that brought the MBA fans to their feet.  Energized by the goal, the MBA team kept the pressure on the law team, and second-year MBA student Eddie Olson slapped a shot into the goal with 10:28 remaining in the third period. Continue Reading

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First Book: MBA students promote youth literacy

First-Book_logoThis post was contributed by Full-time UST MBA student Dan Jackson, External Relations officer for UST’s First Book chapter.

Members of the UST MBA community (or avid Opus Magnum readers) may have already heard about First Book, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing needy elementary school students with books they can call their own.  We first wrote about our chapter in a blog post last April

Are you thinking about doing your first reading for First Book?  Are you a bit nervous to even volunteer?  Whether it is your first time at a First Book reading or your fifth, here is a list of classroom tips and reminders that will help to ensure that you are getting the most out of your First Book experience: Continue Reading

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Full-time UST MBA Student Association Elections: The Results Are In!

Election DayThe competition at the Student Association elections on Thursday, February 17 was fierce!  Breadsticks were flying, candidates were giving their platform speeches, and the experience as a whole was delightful.  Three candidates were in the running for Student Association President.  After a judicious tally of the votes, the results are in.  This year’s SA President is Mr. Brett Wong.

In his application for the position of President, Brett stated, “There are extremely exciting times ahead for the St. Thomas Opus College of Business with the new AACSB accreditation. I am eager to be an instrumental part of launching the college into this new era. I want to help St. Thomas become more and more recognized in the professional world by top caliber employers, opening additional doors for current and future students.”

More than a dozen candidates competed for seven positions on the Student Association executive board.  The level of energy and commitment to making the Full-time UST MBA program even stronger in the upcoming year was truly impressive and sincere.

Associate Director of Student Life Deb Basarich mentioned over lunch that the competition was “neck and neck!”  The votes are in and this year’s Full-time UST MBA Student Association leadership team consists of: 

President:                                                   Brett Wong
VP for Internal Affairs:                                Annelise Larson
VP for External Affairs:                               Nick Ertz
VP for Communications:                             Rachel Levitt
VP of Ethics:                                              Sara Christenson
VP of Clubs:                                               Dan Jackson
VP of Finance:                                           Gurkan Peksoz

As a staff observer of the election (with no voting privileges), I was most impressed by the energy of candidates, their commitment to making the program bigger and better, and their team-based approach to accomplishing their goals as a TEAM!  Based on their level of talent and commitment, there is no doubt they’ll make an incredible impact on the Full-time UST MBA community.

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Two UST MBA teams reach ACG Cup finals

CupLogoLast Thursday, February 3, five teams of students from the Full-time UST MBA program competed in the preliminary round of the ACG (Association for Corporate Growth) Cup.  This is a case competition in which students analyze financial data and market conditions to determine whether a company is offering a fair price for an acquisition target.  The students presented their recommendations to a panel of judges from ACG (acting as the company’s Board of Directors), who asked detailed follow-up questions to decide which teams had done the most thorough analysis and had made the most viable recommendations.  

Of the five competing teams, two were selected to move on to the final round of the case competition.  First-year MBA students Bhakti Raicha, Gurkan Peksoz, Brett Wong, Ted Long, and Kyle Jorgenson comprise one of the teams advancing to the finals, and the other team consists of second-year MBA students Sam Sands, Shawn Moses, Kevin Hejna, and Brad Maiers.

The two UST teams will compete against teams from the Herberger College of Business at St. Cloud State University and the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa in the final round.  The finals will take place this Thursday, February 10, at 6 p.m. in the Schulze Auditorium at the Opus College of Business downtown Minneapolis campus.  The case competition is open to the public; full details can be found on the ACG Minnesota website.

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UST MBA programs visit Target Field

UST-TwinsOn Tuesday night, students and staff from the Evening and Full-time UST MBA programs braved the chilly autumn winds to watch the Minnesota Twins defeat the Kansas City Royals at Target Field.  The highlight may have been Jim Thome’s 452-foot home run to deep right field, but there were many other exciting events for our group.

Evening MBA program advisor Margaret McKibbin and her family were chosen to appear on the Jumbotron, and they successfully answered one of the quiz questions about Twins pitcher Matt Guerrier as 35,000 fans (over 200 of them from UST) watched.  Continue Reading