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Is Leadership a Struggle? UST Fellow Steven Snyder Explains at April 24 Event

steven-2It has long been known that experience is the most powerful teacher. Leaders learn and grow when they immerse themselves in challenging situations. Yet, such situations involve considerable risk as well. New strategies must be invented. New paths charted. And leaders must overcome many obstacles – some external and some internal.

Dr. Steven Snyder, the Executive Fellow in Leadership in the Opus College of Business, is engaged in research that will further our understanding of organizational leadership, specifically how leaders grow through times of peril and adversity. Snyder has developed a conceptual framework for leadership under peril that he is currently testing in his role as an executive fellow. To determine the dimensions of leadership in practice, Snyder is interviewing a diverse group of high-level business executives and organizational leaders.

Navigate Forward and the Opus College of Business are hosting Snyder at their 4th Annual Author’s Breakfast on April 24. The event will run from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. at the Metropolitan Ballroom in St. Louis Park. Contact us for an invitation to attend. Continue Reading