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Master’s Pub Recap -or- Rick Kupchella is Exceedingly Charming


As a native Minnesotan, I have watched local news my entire life and have always been dedicated to KARE 11. I happen to be also very easily star-struck, and since news anchors are like local celebrities to me, they make me slightly nervous and excited. So when Rick Kupchella, a 20-year veteran of investigative broadcasting on KARE 11 news, spoke at Master’s Pub last Friday night, I thought to myself, be cool, Alex. He is a businessman with interesting things to say. But I quickly became very distracted and wrote notes such as, “quite handsome,” “surprisingly tall,” and over and over, “very charming.” I will get to what exactly Rick talked about in a second, but I think it needs to be said that Rick Kupchella is an extremely charming, approachable, and down to earth speaker. Now that I have that out there, I can move on to what he actually came to discuss.

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Master’s Pub April 19: Rick Kupchella Explains Why he Had to Adapt or Die

KupchellaFrom BringMeTheNews:

In a new article entitled “Why I had to Adapt or Die”, BringMeTheNews founder and CEO Rick Kupchella writes that, “In the end – when you think about it – there’s really no rational argument for the 5 o’clock news anymore, short of wanting to tune in to see your favorite local personalities. If there’s something you really want to know – you can find it pretty easily on your phone.”

That’s part of the reason the veteran TV news journalist decided to leave a successful career in broadcasting and launch a new company in 2009. Today, BringMeTheNews continues to grow, as staff journalists comb through thousands of headlines a day in order to deliver the most relevant news to the people of Minnesota.

Rick Kupchella, founder of BringMeTheNews, will discuss the company’s first three years, and his transition from Emmy Award-winning TV news anchor to entrepreneur at next week’s Master’s Pub. The event will be held Friday, April 19, from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Current Opus College of Business graduate students and alumni attending the event are encouraged to bring colleagues or friends considering a graduate business degree to experience the unique St. Thomas atmosphere and community. The event if free but please register in advance. Continue Reading