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Internship Over, Now What?


Thrivent Financial, Mayo Clinic, Target Corporation, and General Mills, just a few of the great organizations students in the Full-time UST MBA class of 2014 interned with this last summer. 97% of this year’s full-time MBA cohort completed an internship. Business cards were shared, happy hours attended, but days in the office are turning into days in the classroom. This should signify a shift in thought for many, but each student can now apply many new business practices learned through direct experience.

The skills you gain in an internship can be be what sets you apart from the rest in applying for a post-MBA job. In order to capitalize on that though there is a lot to do during the school year. Below is a quick to-do list to ensure you fully utilize the experiences you had this summer.


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How’s Your Twitter Resume – #Twesume


This post, by Pavi Andaloo, a second-year full-time MBA student, comes from the “CareerLink” blog by UST’s Graduate Business Career Services office.

Are you an avid twitter user and cognizant of using 140 characters or less to make your point? If so, you will excel at Twesume – it is a new trend where one has to condense the resume in to 140 characters or less. Can you imagine using 140 characters or less to talk about your professional life? Even worse, I found it so hard to fit my resume in one page – which is supposedly the standard in U.S. unless you are an executive and every detail is worthy of being on the paper.

As I was reading this article from Mashable, more than the evolution of Twesume, I was interested to see how in the world can one fit their career in 140 characters. One professional that is talked about a lot during the holiday season is Santa Claus and here is his Twesume: Continue Reading

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Ask the Ethics Officer: Embellishing Your Résumé

resume1[1]Dear Ethics Officer,

I overheard a colleague saying that she often “embellished” on her résumé about her experience and that it helped her to steadily improve her career.  She said that she could embellish because she could always learn the skill once she started her job.  Is embellishing on your résumé okay and are there any consequences if a lie is discovered?


Not Embellishing

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Don’t Be a Lazy Job-Seeker

This post is by Maggie Tomas, a Career Specialist in UST’s Graduate Business Career Services office.Graduate Business Career Services

The Wall Street Journal recently featured an interesting article, No Market for a Lazy Job Seeker. The author makes valid points stating the heavy job competition due to the current unemployment rate has made it more and more difficult to “post and pray.” In today’s job market you need to be on your game and make job-searching a full-time job, and one that you do well.

Many of the suggested strategies include networking, resume customization, and social media all of which UST’s Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) emphasizes.  We thought it might be a good time, with school starting and summer wrapping up, to remind everyone how our office assists student and alumni with career strategizing.

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Making MBA Résumés Stand Out

This post is by Sara Christenson, a first-year Full-time UST MBA student.

First-Book_logo-300x269[1]Business students are expected to join case competitions and hold many leadership positions to increase the marketability of their résumés.  Employers are looking for more than the core classes when they hire an MBA–they want proven, driven leaders and people who can manage multiple projects and keep a team together. With organizations like Net Impact and First Book, UST MBA students are able to distinguish ourselves from the competition. Continue Reading

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Jargon Genesis: Résumé

resumeIn a recent Jargon Genesis about vis-à-vis, I discussed the multitude of French words that have infiltrated our daily conversations. Today, let’s add résumé to that list. It is important that I include the acute accents here so we don’t get confused with the far less interesting word, resume. Though it is worth pointing out that in English, résumé and resume are both acceptable spellings of the word referring to the document you hope will land you your dream job. Continue Reading

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Objective statement or Summary? That is the question.

A strong resume can make you or break you, sight unseen in the first hurdle to securing an interview. One question that many job searchers ponder is whether or not an objective statement is still appropriate on a resume. Star Tribune columnist Laura French recently posed that very question to Linda Sloan UST’s director of Graduate Business Career Services. Continue Reading