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Is Social Media Undermining Our “Social Circuitry”?

A crowd of students and alumni filled Schulze auditorium to hear Douglas' Master's Pub presentation

I posted last week about “educators trying to exploit Twitter-like technology to enhance classroom discussion.” In the mean time I’ve been following the response to the New York Times article that spurred my post.

Harvard Business Review’s blog, The Conversation chimed in this week as well with the opinion that, “The project is well-intentioned: they wanted to get kids more comfortable with speaking up by giving them digital tools to do so. The trouble is, now the kids are staring at screens all day instead of interacting with each other or the teacher.” Continue Reading

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To Really Learn, Quit Studying and Take a Test

UST finals begin tomorrow. How do you study and how successful are you at taking tests?

New York Times article reviewed a report that compared students’ study methods.  Students who read the material and then took a test scored better when compared to two familiar study methods: “mind-mapping” and “cramming”.   The summary statement suggests that angst results in a positive outcome, as “It may also be that the struggle involved in recalling something helps reinforce it in our brains.”

New York Times graphic.

New York Times graphic.

Continue Reading

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Finding a job…on Twitter

I really feel like I could just re-Tweet this New York Times headline, but at the same time it seems like a worthwhile post here: “Twitter Could Become the Unemployed’s Best Friend.”

One of Twitter’s advantages is that unlike e-mail messages or Facebook updates, tweets can reach an unknown audience — a benefit that recruiters, human resources departments and job-seekers are fast discovering. Continue Reading