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Job Search Reality Check – 5 Tips for Success


Searching for employment – be it the dream job or the next step on the corporate ladder – can be exhausting.  There are many other choice words I could use to describe this laborious process such as demeaning, grueling, time-consuming, frustrating, and in my history, each job search is its own monster.  As a career coach, I seek to assist those during this difficult process, either as a resource or just an ear to vent to.  What I have realized from my own personal experience and that of others, is that a job search doesn’t truly become successful until a ‘reality check’ ensues.  For those new to the job search arena, or the seasoned vets, it may be time for a reality check, to ensure each individual has a realistic approach to their career goals. Here are five tips for a successful job search. Continue Reading

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Internship Over, Now What?


Thrivent Financial, Mayo Clinic, Target Corporation, and General Mills, just a few of the great organizations students in the Full-time UST MBA class of 2014 interned with this last summer. 97% of this year’s full-time MBA cohort completed an internship. Business cards were shared, happy hours attended, but days in the office are turning into days in the classroom. This should signify a shift in thought for many, but each student can now apply many new business practices learned through direct experience.

The skills you gain in an internship can be be what sets you apart from the rest in applying for a post-MBA job. In order to capitalize on that though there is a lot to do during the school year. Below is a quick to-do list to ensure you fully utilize the experiences you had this summer.


What to do after the internship: Continue Reading

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Career Link: Poised for Success


Is your body language helping – or hurting – your career?

When properly used, body language can be your key to greater success. It can help you develop positive business relationships, influence and motivate the people who report to you, improve productivity, bond with members of your team, and present your ideas with more impact. Take a look at Carol Goman’s article on Forbes’ website — a dozen tips for using body language to project confidence, credibility, and your personal brand of charisma.

Victor1558 / Foter / CC BY

Goman’s tips on body language hit many key points squarely on the head.  How we are view or branded depends so much on how our physical appearance comes across to others we meet, work with or socialize with. Our presence is conveyed in how we carry ourselves in daily life.  From the first handshake and looking in the eye to the final salutation and departure.  Our initial and ending interactions are what form the lasting memory of our brand.

The points that Goman makes about a firm handshake, our physical posture and stance to our voice pitch can make a dramatic difference when looking for a job or keeping a job. Here’s my take on her advice – Tom’s Top Ten Body Language TipsL Continue Reading

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The Power of Continuous Education



Do you take time to keep yourself sharp? I often hear about strategies to “improve your business, improve your process, improve this, and improve that.” Enough about the process…what about you? What can you do to improve you? Think about how much the business world has changed over the last few years. When I started in business, computers were just emerging, there were no laptops, and cell phones were bigger than your head. Yes, it’s ridiculous to think about, I know. And even if you’re just recently entering the business world, technology marches on. As everything changes around us, if we don’t grown and also change, we’ll be left behind. So, what can you do to keep yourself continually educating? Here are just a few things that I’ve run across throughout my career, and found to be incredibly helpful.

Go back to school. If you can make the time commitment, consider going back to school. I had the benefit of completing my MBA right after my undergrad. While I was excited about this accomplishment, the down side was that I had no real world experience to apply my learning toward. I learned many things, but not to the extent I would have, had I pursued a similar path now. If you are interested in learning more about a particular topic or industry, and you have the time and financial ability, nothing says “continuous education” like going back to school. Continue Reading

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Networking Advice for the Alphabet Bash

Check out this video featuring Mike Porter, Director of the University of St. Thomas’ Masters of Business Communication Program from the Alphabet Bash. For the unacquainted, Alphabet Bash is a “can’t miss” evening–bringing together all of the various marketing organizations in town AMA, PRSA, IABC, MDMA etc. This year the event will take place downtown on August 9. You’ll hear speakers, reunite with old friends and meet new contacts all within a fun and festive atmosphere. You’ll have the chance to talk business, network and socialize with new professionals and industry veterans, all in one place.

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Career tip: Target Companies that Value Your Competencies

There are a couple of routes to take when job searching.  The most common and least effective route involves scouring the job boards and applying (along with the thousands of others) to the jobs posted.  The method most career coaches recommend is to create a marketing plan that includes your summary/pitch, objective, competencies, and target companies.

Once you have established this plan you can then focus your job search on making connections within those targeted companies and eloquently stating your objective (pitch) when you begin to meet with people. Continue Reading

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Join us Tonight for Networking with the MNAMA

mn ama logoNetworking—is certainly a buzzword in the business world, but in a tough economy it’s more important than ever. A recent survey of HR executives ranked networking as the most effective way to land a new job.

Whether you’re actively looking for a new job or just want to expand your professional contacts, tonight’s Minnesota American Marketing Association’s Marketing Mixer provides a great opportunity to meet dozens of marketing and advertising professionals. This month the event is focusing on helping marketing students and professionals connect with industry mentors. You’ll be able to connect with dozens of different participants during the event.

The University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business is sponsoring the event, to be held at The Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel (Rock Island Room) downtown, tonight. You can walk-in and the event is free—so don’t forget to bring plenty of business cards!

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Why You Should Job-Hunt During the Holidays

This post, by Pavi Andaloo, a second-year full-time MBA student, comes from the “CareerLink” blog by UST’s Graduate Business Career Services office.
Are you like me, who thinks of the holiday season as a break from job hunting due to the low recruitment activity going on in companies? If so, I believe we need to change our opinion after reading this article from BusinessWeek, which explains how we can leverage the open calendars of hiring managers during this season and outwit the competition.

Of the activities the author points out, the one that most struck me is: make calls to hiring managers instead of emailing.  You have a better chance of getting an answer around Christmas time as business activity is slow at this time of year, and it gives managers some time to devote to personal activities like recruiting.

So get ready to make the most of it, but remember – don’t pester them with calls!  One of the best practices we learned from our General Mills career services event last month is “Show patience and deference.”

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Internships and networking go hand-in-hand

The Financial Times recently reported on the results of a Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) survey, which showed that MBA graduates who completed an internship during their studies were significantly more likely to find a job than their classmates who did not have an internship.  The study also noted that in some industries, such as consulting, about 70 percent of interns were hired on for full-time positions after graduation.

The Graduate Business Career Services team at UST assists current MBA students and alumni with job and internship searches.  The team not only provides one-on-one career coaching but also organizes a variety of workshops and networking events that help you make professional connections.  These connections can be critical as you search for your next internship or full-time position. 

Ready to start focusing on your career search?  Come to tonight’s career skills session, which helps you understand how to explain the significance of your UST MBA experience to employers.  Put your networking skills to use tomorrow morning at the Master’s Connection, part of a regular series of breakfast networking events sponsored by Graduate Business Career Services.

Students and alumni looking for internships or jobs should remember to check Career Link on a regular basis, as postings are updated daily.  Log in to ensure that your profile and resume are up-to-date so that you’ll be ready to apply for new opportunities!

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Don’t Be a Lazy Job-Seeker

This post is by Maggie Tomas, a Career Specialist in UST’s Graduate Business Career Services office.Graduate Business Career Services

The Wall Street Journal recently featured an interesting article, No Market for a Lazy Job Seeker. The author makes valid points stating the heavy job competition due to the current unemployment rate has made it more and more difficult to “post and pray.” In today’s job market you need to be on your game and make job-searching a full-time job, and one that you do well.

Many of the suggested strategies include networking, resume customization, and social media all of which UST’s Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) emphasizes.  We thought it might be a good time, with school starting and summer wrapping up, to remind everyone how our office assists student and alumni with career strategizing.

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