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Learn about the Downtown Minneapolis Whole Foods Market

Mark SchoeningMark Shoening, senior vice president of retail at Ryan Companies US, will discuss current development projects, including the Whole Foods Market project in downtown Minneapolis, as well as the challenges and opportunities in the development of retail real estate. A pioneer in the design-build approach, Ryan Companies is a full service commercial real estate firm with expertise in development, architecture and engineering, capital markets, construction and real estate management.

The Real Estate Executive Insights Series is presented by the Opus College of Business MSRE program. This series invites speakers from the real estate industry to provide valuable information and discussion about hot topics and current trends. This is a free program and is open to the public. Continue Reading

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What does it mean to be a leader?

Management and leadership gurus like Michael Porter, Marcus Buckingham, Robert Reich, Steven Covey and Peter Drucker all give a slightly different answer to the question “what does it mean to be a leader?” Rather than writing a long blog post dissecting each of their answers, I wanted to share examples of real leaders here in Minnesota.

Opus Corporation projects, such as the Minneapolis campus of the University of St. Thomas, Mariucci Arean at the University of Minnesota and corporate headquarters for Best Buy, Medtronic and Toro, all stem from Gerald Rauenhorst’s strong leadership. He continues to serve the Minnesota real estate community as a role model, leader and philanthropist.

At UST, we hold several events to honor leaders in the local, regional, and national business community who in one way or another have made a difference. One of these events is the Minnesota Real Estate Hall of Fame. Rauenhorst was inducted with five other leaders in 2010.

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