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Sorry Packers fans, Minnesota’s got Wisconsin beat

“Wisconsin may have better football teams than Minnesota, but the Badger State is eating our dust when it comes to the economy,” the  Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development wrote on their blog last week.

Minnesota Public Radio’s Paul Tosto posted some interesting statistics and charts of key economic data from the two states and concluded Minnesota did a much better job than Wisconsin of keeping people employed during the recession and putting them back to work in the recovery.

Read more: In the economic game, Minnesota is pulling away from Wisconsin.

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Would you like context with that?

This commentary is by Dr. Michael Porter, Director of the UST MBC Program.

On February 14, I was taken aback while watching the press conference announcing the new president of the University of St. Thomas, Dr. Julie Sullivan.  Not by anything she or the other participants said or did, but by a question from a reporter.  He asked: “How will your role as wife and mother influence, if at all, your presidency?  Will it flavor that at all or change it?”  I immediately wondered if he would have asked a question about fatherhood of a male layperson.

A number of people watching the event via simulcast in Minneapolis expressed similar concerns, as we had no idea at the time who asked the question because the person was off camera. Continue Reading

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St. Paul’s Pearson Candy Company Sold

I don’t know if you heard the news this week but a private equity firm in Connecticut, “said Monday that it has acquired St. Paul-based Pearson Candy Co., the 101-year-old manufacturer of Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll, Mint Patties, Bun bars and Nut Goodie bars.”


The new owner plans to keep the St. Paul plant operating in the spot it’s occupied for 102 years, and has hired a Dairy Queen executive to run the company. Pearson’s current owner and CEO Larry Hassler started looking for a buyer last year. On Tuesday, Hassler spoke with Minnesota Public Radio.

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