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The latest and greatest in interactive marketing – Lessons learned at the MIMA Summit

33394744_thbOne of the best things about working at a university is being surrounded by a significant number of very smart people. There are people at St. Thomas who can provide great insight on almost any topic – management strategies, investment decisions, best ways to negotiate, insights into effective communication, buyer decision making on eBay, what is happening in the retail space around the holidays and many more I have yet to take advantage of.

I felt the same way last Wednesday when I attended the Minnesota Interactive Marketing (MIMA) Summit. This conference brought together many of the most talented people working in the interactive marketing space. Within the Opus College of Business, we are active in the interactive marketing space with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging and email marketing to name a few. (If you have a chance, take a look at what we are doing and let us know what you think!) Even after working with these platforms and being actively involved myself, the changes within the digital marketing space happen so quickly that it is tough to keep up. That is why going to the MIMA conference was a great experience.

Here is the cliff notes version of several lessons I learned:

It’s called “social” media for a reason. Have a conversation. Don’t just tell people what you are doing and thinking – remember to find out what they are doing and thinking. Don’t be like this guy: Continue Reading