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4 Steps for Self-Reinvention, with Cecily Sommers


Cecily Sommers, dancer, chiropractor, author, and professional futurist, spoke to a poised audience of over 50 University of St. Thomas alumni, students and staff members this week about the importance of finding your “fit.” Sommers career path has been anything but traditional, leaving several opportunities for self-reinvention.


Sommers details her process for self-reinvention through four steps: dream, discovery, tension, and reckoning.  The notion of her desire to become a dancer happened as a child as she saw her neighbors dressed in tutu’s leaving for dance lessons.  She quickly envisioned herself as a prima ballerina, and began dance lessons shortly thereafter.  Discovery of a future in dance was due to her natural talent and desire to embellish musical notes with flourished movements.  Progressing throughout her dance career, tension was created as she became pulled in many directions with school, teaching and attempting to earn a living.  The reckoning that followed suit was a realization that dance could not provide the professional and creative challenges her own capabilities craved. Moving forward, she decided to pursue a Business degree, where she was forced to take science classes. This same process occurred while she transitioned from dancer to chiropractor, realizing in a science class that she had a strong desire to learn how the human form and circular system interact together in all aspects of survival.  The reckoning developed as she decided that the homeopathic route for medicine best fit her desire to heal. Continue Reading

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Master’s Pub April 19: Rick Kupchella Explains Why he Had to Adapt or Die

KupchellaFrom BringMeTheNews:

In a new article entitled “Why I had to Adapt or Die”, BringMeTheNews founder and CEO Rick Kupchella writes that, “In the end – when you think about it – there’s really no rational argument for the 5 o’clock news anymore, short of wanting to tune in to see your favorite local personalities. If there’s something you really want to know – you can find it pretty easily on your phone.”

That’s part of the reason the veteran TV news journalist decided to leave a successful career in broadcasting and launch a new company in 2009. Today, BringMeTheNews continues to grow, as staff journalists comb through thousands of headlines a day in order to deliver the most relevant news to the people of Minnesota.

Rick Kupchella, founder of BringMeTheNews, will discuss the company’s first three years, and his transition from Emmy Award-winning TV news anchor to entrepreneur at next week’s Master’s Pub. The event will be held Friday, April 19, from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Current Opus College of Business graduate students and alumni attending the event are encouraged to bring colleagues or friends considering a graduate business degree to experience the unique St. Thomas atmosphere and community. The event if free but please register in advance. Continue Reading

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Creating A Mindset for Change

An engaging group of more than 100 people heard Laura Goodrich’s presentation on “Creating A Mindset for Change” at the Master’s Connection last month. Goodrich is the author of the book Seeing Red Cars, which is on the Forbes ‘Must Read’ list for corporate leaders.
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Power Networking – Call or Be Called

ronmbs130[1]A large and engaging audience of nearly 70 UST MBA students, alumni and corporate visitors took part in the March 16 meeting of the Master’s Connection. Our featured presenter, Ron Wacks, spoke on the topic of “Power Networking: Do You Want To Call People or Do You Want People To Call You?”

Ron focused on the key points of networking: how we build trust thru strong relationships for our careers and personal lifestyles. He engaged the large group to think about how strong they are at networking to how strong they are in problem resolution. How we naturally want to help each other connect with others to help with problem solving, job searching or career development. Continue Reading

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Moving Up, Over, or Out: Career Transition Strategies

George Dow, vice president of Executive Career Transition Consulting for Right Management

George Dow, vice president of Executive Career Transition Consulting for Right Management

An engaging group of more than 50 MBA students and alumni came to hear George Dow’s presentation, “Moving Up, Over, or Out: Career Transition Strategies for Today’s Business Leader” at UST’s recent Master’s Connection.

George Dow is vice president of Executive Career Transition Consulting for Right Management, an international career management and organizational consulting firm. He brings more than 20 years of experience in advising executives and professionals during their career transitions.  His focus is on assisting his clients with career assessment, identification of options and coaching to achieve desired outcomes, both personally and professionally. Continue Reading