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3 Executives Share What They Look For When Hiring

James White
James White, executive vice president and president, Latin America, Ecolab, Inc.
Christopher Oleary
Christopher O’Leary, executive vice president and international chief operating officer, General Mills
Eric Buss
Eric Buss, executive vice president for Life Time Fitness, Inc.

The Opus College of Business recently hosted a panel of top executives who discussed themes PwC’s annual global CEO survey. The executives shared a great deal of advice on succeeding in the ever-changing job market — and traits they look for when hiring.  This post is a compilation of reflections on the event from Ben Carlson, Kirsten Haukoos, Maura Hinken, Shanthi Kelaart and Bonnie Wustudents in professor Christopher Michaelson’s undergraduate business ethics course.

The discussion was opened up by a few questions and statistics and one that stuck out was the fact that in 2012 most CEOs are planning on increasing their hiring and headcount. Eric Buss, from Life Time Fitness, is in charge of human resources, corporate development, risk management, and education functions. James White of Ecolab, is in charge of the daily operations in Latin American countries with an Ecolab presence.  Chris O’Leary, from General Mills, oversees the businesses outside of the U.S., with responsibility for nearly 14,000 employees in more than 100 countries. The speakers gave the students attending a good idea of how the business world is changing, and the important qualities of successful employees: Continue Reading

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10 Tips on Doing Business in China

I am a Full-time MBA candidate in Opus College of Business and will continue on my second year of study in the fall. Being from Beijing, everything I have experienced here in terms of business culture has changed my idea of surviving in the foreign business world.

Frankly speaking, it really took me a while to get comfortable with the new rules of American business culture and I appreciate that the UST MBA program allows me to start practicing early enough before I totally embarrass myself in front of my future colleagues and business associates. Simply beginning with a firm handshake, I am adapting in various business events as well as comparing how people from different backgrounds interact with each other in this special environment. Continue Reading

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Mann Meets Humanity in Davos – Huffington Post

Christopher Michaelson, Ph.D., assistant professor of ethics and business law here at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business published an article about the World Economic Forum in Davos on the Huffington Post Tuesday.

As world leaders prepared for the World Economic Forum‘s annual fête in Davos, Switzerland in January, the event continued to embody what is arguably the most pressing irony of capitalism today. The problem of too much — over-consumption, excessive rewards for an elite few — flaunts alongside the problem of too little — resource scarcity and extreme poverty for a less fortunate many. As politically and economically motivated uprisings sprouted around the world this past year, these problems also coexisted at Davos, one seeking to help solve the other while at the same time being blamed for being its primary cause. Continue Reading

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Peter Young: the 3M Endowed Chair in International Business

“There is a real insistence [at UST] that all theories and ideas be translated into meaningful applications, and I think this reflects our distinct competitive advantage as a business school.”

– Peter Young

If you have ever been so excited for school to start year after year that you believe September 1 should be New Year’s Day, you are not alone. Dr. Peter Young holds that belief too, and it’s possible he came to that conclusion due to a genetic pre-disposition.

Dr. Young comes from a family of teachers. His parents both taught at a state college in South Dakota, and all of his siblings have become teachers or professors. With a Ph.D. in risk management from the University of Minnesota, Dr. Young has historically focused his research on public risk issues, but for the past several years he has transitioned his work to pursuing a better understanding of risk leadership in both the public and private sectors. Specifically, what is top management’s role in establishing risk policy and how do they ensure their strategic approach is effectively implemented? (For a list of his publications, please visit his profile.) Continue Reading