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The Value Proposition


After recently attending an executive coaching session in which our second-year full-time MBA students were asked to create a value chart in order of priority for family, work, community and self, the emphasis placed on “values” got me thinking.  While a large proportion of the current professional population has been affected in some way by the arduous job market, how important are values to job seekers?

At a MBA Career Services and Employers Alliance student-lead panel, full-time MBA students  from St. Thomas and the U of M cited various items they consider prior to accepting a job offer.  Of those, professional advancement, opportunity to learn and be challenged as well as sharing the same values rated much higher than a competitive salary. There are a few things any job seeker should think about before accepting a position (or even applying for one). Continue Reading

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Is going to B-School a good choice for you?

By Ujin Han, M.B.A. ’12

What factors should you consider in making the decision to attend graduate business school? Let’s face it, a graduate degree is a huge investment of your time and money. You’ll have to give up sleeping in on weekends, going out to fancy restaurants and you can definitely forget about that vacation in Napa you planned.

In this short video, Nicole Williams, connection director at LinkedIn, talks about key factors you should consider when making that big decision to get a graduate degree and what you need to figure out beforehand to get the most out of the program.

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You’re getting an MBA – now what?

This post is by Lindsey Buhrmann, a student in her second semester in the Evening UST MBA program this summer.

The VERY BEST birthday cake ever!!!

The VERY BEST birthday cake ever!!!

One of the questions I am often asked is why I chose to get my MBA. The reasons vary from wanting to develop an advanced business acumen to improving my marketing skills to simply becoming friends with other professionals in the Twin Cities business community. However, after nearly a generation of reflection on what I want out of life, I am ready to add another (very important) reason to my list:

I want a horse.

I’ll give my editor at St. Thomas a moment to let that idea settle.

For more than 20 years, I have been dreaming of getting a horse, but growing up a city child, I knew it wouldn’t be feasible until I was an adult. As a teen, I started throwing out 33 as the arbitrary age in which I would get a horse. Still, I rode when I could and taught myself as much as possible about those long-legged lawn mowers, even going so far as to choose an undergraduate college that had equine studies as a major. (Note: I left the horse program in favor of journalism my freshman year knowing that I wanted a career first).

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Life After Grad School: Making it all go Swimmingly

This post is written by Evening UST MBA student Larissa Rodriguez, a full-time marketing and communications executive.

aquaticLike many of my classmates who are nearing the end of their degree program, I am suddenly realizing that my May 2011 graduation date is no longer a distant goal, but instead a rapidly approaching reality. I am one of those students who chose to do my MBA on the “Degree in Three” fast track (while working full time), which is an ambitious pace, to say the least. So naturally, I am relieved and excited to be reaching the end of this journey.

But interestingly enough, I have discovered that a whole new set of personal and professional goals are emerging that I hope to tackle as soon as my schedule frees up. The idea of lifelong learning used to be a bit abstract to me, but now I can’t imagine my life without it. As I ponder the list of things I want to do next, I am finding that the rigor of my MBA program has vastly expanded my view of what’s possible for me to accomplish. Continue Reading