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Moving in to the new House of Talents


On Sunday, July 17 the House of Talents hosted an open house for owner Kate Herzog’s many well wishers to help get her venture off the ground. Among those attending were UST professors, Dean Chris Puto and Assistant Dean Bill Woodson, as well as many of Kate’s classmates.

Many Full-time UST MBA students list owning their own business as a goal when they begin the program. Many more take entrepreneurship classes; after all, they are valuable whether you go to work for a start up, or a Fortune 500 corporation. Of those students, most plan to work a few years before taking the plunge into new venture ownership. Class of 2009 alumna Kate Herzog is one of the very few who opened a business right after earning her degree.

Her company is House of Talents, whose mission is to “alleviate poverty by connecting artisans from developing countries with consumer markets worldwide.” Kate and her House of Talents have just taken a giant step forward Continue Reading

Entrepreneurship, FTMBA, Local business, Newsroom, OCB Alumni

Importing Opportunity


Republished from B. Magazine

Most start-up companies face challenges as they develop their business, which is one reason, perhaps, why 60 to 70 percent of new ventures fail in the first 10 years of operation. But few have encountered quite as many as did Kate Herzog, founder and president of House of Talents, during a recent buying trip to Ghana,West Africa.

In the middle of a 13-hour journey from Accra to the Northern Region of Ghana, a tire on the dilapidated Jeep in which she was riding went flat. An easy matter to fix, but the wrench the driver had on hand could not remove the final lug nut holding the hubcap to the wheel. For seven hours, Herzog and her companions waited by the side of the road in the hopes someone would stop – a hope made somewhat futile by the high incidence of armed robbery on that particular road, resulting in a reluctance of passersby to help stranded motorists. Continue Reading