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Avoiding the snooze fest

This post is by Karin Gelschus, a student in the Evening UST MBA program.

Opus at NightWith less than a year to go, I’m counting the months until I can have my weeknights and weekends back. Besides the light at the end of the tunnel, there’s another bright spot to being more than halfway through my MBA – taking electives.

Having completed five electives after this semester, there’s a key bit of advice I would’ve like to have heard before I registered.

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Coupon clippers…a community engaged with the brand

Coupon-Organization[1]Coupon and discount promotions have long been a staple of marketing strategy and as such deployed by communication professionals.  We know that redemption rates are low, but for purveyors of toothpaste, breakfast cereal or any item at a big box retailer, the redemption rate can generally be predicted based on decades of data.  We also know that some people take more advantage of these opportunities than others, even if only because of a coupon clipping aunt who took the concept of home economics to an extreme.  She may even have been the force behind a neighborhood coffee Klatch devoted to exchanging coupons and discount secrets.  Hmmm…  a community…

Today the ability of Aunt Martha to organize similarly minded consumers has elevated to an insane pitch.  Continue Reading

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Real-world perspectives on market research

consumer researchI appreciate how the Full-time UST MBA program offers a combination of academics and professional experience. An example of this is the integration of special speakers’ days into the regular class schedule. Faculty members are always looking for the best speakers that can complement the the lectures and in class discussion. This was the case two weeks ago in our Applied Business Research (ABR) class. Continue Reading