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“Be part of a noble service” says UST Commencement Speaker Randall Hogan

IMG_1399.JPG (2)More than 250 students were hooded in the Graduate Business Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 25. Randall J. Hogan, chairman and CEO of Pentair, delivered the commencement address and told the graduates “You’re starting the next phase of your lives” and the two things you need to be successful are to “create your own future, and control your own destiny. Make sure you have a goal in mind, when opportunities present themselves, you will be bold enough to take them.” Continue Reading

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The first time, all over again

The annual Dean’s Reception celebrates student completion of the various graduate programs in the Opus College of Business as a more intimate prelude to the public commencement ceremony.  I have attended a number of these in the last few years.  From a communication standpoint, these events represent some important, but sometimes forgotten tenants of the craft.

First, while these parties exist primarily to celebrate with our students, the format ensures that this opportunity to engage them with the university for the long term is not lost.  Even though the centerpiece of the evening will always remain the dean’s speech, the plates are served with encouragement from alumni relations to remain active on campus.  This moment represents a critical time in the school’s relationship with these stakeholders, as they convert from students to alumni.  Recognizing the transition of an audience is all too often obscured by the activities of the day.  Strategic communication planning should always consider the evolution of customer experience and relationship with the organization and what it offers them. Continue Reading

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Student Profile: Annelise Larson

May 19, 2012 will be a momentous day for Annelise Larson and her classmates. That will be the day when they walk across the stage in the new Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex, receive their diplomas and start a new stage of life. For Larson, it will mean chasing a dream job in organizational development and change management freshly equipped with her UST MBA.

Larson, originally from Oakdale, Minnesota, developed a taste for leadership development and coaching while an undergraduate at Taylor University in Indiana. There she enjoyed studying human resources and holding the office of chief of staff for the student body. In that role, she was tasked with coaching the other board members in effectively organizing themselves and accomplishing their goals.

Upon graduation, Larson worked for three different companies over seven years, gaining a remarkable breadth of understanding of HR functions. The third of these, just prior to returning to school, was a position with EMPO Corporation, an HR consulting firm in the Twin Cities. Upon walking in the door at EPMO, Larson was assigned two disgruntled clients on the verge of cancelling their services. Undeterred, Larson brought her experience to bear. With careful listening, outstanding service, and a lot of diligence, she appeased the clients and retained their business with EMPO.

Despite her success, Larson found herself craving broader business understanding, and decided it was time to go back to school. The UST MBA programs, with their openness to student input and reliance on student leadership, were a perfect fit for her, and she set out for a Full-time UST MBA. Between her first and second year, Larson landed an internship with Recon Robotics, and is now anxious to begin her post-MBA career with Tennant Company in Minneapolis.

A person experienced in creating positive change, Annelise Larson will be an asset to any organization for whom she works.  Her work ethic, intellect, and newly refined business acumen will take her anywhere she wants to go. We look forward to following her journey. Good luck Annelise and all our UST MBA 2012 graduates!

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Jargon Genesis: Pomp and Circumstance

With commencement ceremonies for the university taking place last weekend, it got us thinking about the genesis of some of the traditions that take place at graduations around the world. Many of you had the distinct honor of walking down an aisle, mortarboard on head, participating in a ceremony to commemorate the attainment of your UST graduate business degree. In this proud moment you were comforted by the tones of Sir Edward Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance, March No. 1.” (The part we all recognize comes in at about 1:51.)

If you grew up in the United States, you heard this song for your undergraduate, high school, 8th grade, and possibly even your kindergarten or pre-school graduation ceremony. So where did this piece come from, and how has it become so engrained in our commencement culture? Allow me to illuminate your minds on the subject.

Continue Reading

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Where One Road Ends, Another Begins

Tomorrow is my graduation day at the University of St. Thomas! Congratulations to my fellow MBA graduates. We did it!


Graduate student being hooded during the OCB commencement with Fr. Dease looking on.

What an amazing three years it has been.

When I started this journey back in 2008, I thought I was seeking a graduate-level education. Really, that was all I had set out to do. But then so many other things happened along the way which I never could have imagined. My pursuit of an MBA turned out to be more than just books and lectures and grades; it became so much bigger than that. Continue Reading

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Four rules for ethical business leaders (Commencement 2010)


George W. Buckley Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of 3M

There But For the Grace Of God Go We

Let me first thank Father Dease and the dean for inviting me to speak to you today. I am so honored to be with all the graduates on this most special of days for both you and your families.

I was asked by the dean to speak to you on the topic of ethics ….I think it was on the basis that 3M is a company whose corporate ethics are legendarily positive. I must say at the outset that I feel ill equipped to do so since I’m not a philosopher, nor am I a moralizer – I have far too many flaws for that – but I will speak for a few minutes about my observations on ethics and morals and my own rule book for life. Continue Reading

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Opus College of Business Commencement Speaker Announced

Dr. George Buckley, chairman, president and CEO of 3M

Dr. George Buckley, chairman, president and CEO of 3M

Dr. George Buckley, chairman, president and CEO of 3M, will deliver the Commencement Address at the Opus College of Business Graduate Commencement Saturday, May 22, 7 p.m., at the Hubert Humphrey Metrodome.

3M is the Opus College’s largest employer.  Over 460 business alumni are employed by 3M while 24 employees are currently earning their graduate business degrees at OCB.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom,  Dr. Buckley serves on the University of St. Thomas Board of Trustees. Dr. Buckley will receive the Dean’s Medal of Excellence at the commencement ceremony.