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Preparing for Success: Career Opportunity Fair

DSC04600The Career Opportunity Fair, hosted by the Graduate Business Career Services Department, will provide direct access to over 40 top employers for undergraduate and graduate level business students at the University of St. Thomas.  These top recruiters are seeking top talent from UST for internship and full time positions.  Tom Colosimo, Career Coach Specialist, details the best way to ace any Career Fair, but most importantly the Career Opportunity Fair, held next week in the Law School Schulze Grand Atrium on Friday, November 15th.

Prepping for a career fair can be nerve-racking and frustrating but it certainly does not need to be and it is very important.  If you go into a career fair prepared and with the right attitude information you should do well.  It’s all about knowing what you want, what they need, and creating your story to align to these variables. Many people go into a career fair with little or no preparation and come out thinking it was a waste of time.

The key elements to remember are:

Know what companies are going to be participating in the fair

  • Know the companies that you are most interested in; focus on your top 5
  • Research these companies – know their current activities and products
  • Know what initiatives they may have for the future
  • Get a handle on how your skills and experience align to their needs


Appearance is important for your brand and for that first impression

  • Be sure to have the ‘look of business’ that means business
  • Suite and tie for men and a nice dress suite for women
  • Error on the side of dressing conservatively; no wild colors or short skirts!
  • Do not overdo the colognes and perfumes; a nice scent is welcome but don’t overpower your environment and chase people away from you!
  • Smile!  It can mean so much when meeting people
  • Be genuine from hand-shake to tone of your voice
  • Practice your pitch so that it’s natural when you are delivering it to the recruiters

When you arrive at the fair, survey the flow of the attendees and be sure to identify where your companies are located right away. DSC04603

Start out by approaching companies that you may not know that much about and try your pitch on them to work out the kinks and get into your groove.  Do not approach your top companies right away since you may not be at ease yet.  Practice makes perfect.

If you get the business card of the recruiter or company contact, connect with them and thank them for the time they took to chat with you reminding them about your skills and interest in their company and WHY! Reach out on LinkedIn for that connection as well.  Many recruiters spend much of their time on social media looking for that next candidate.  With that in mind, make sure your LinkedIn profile sends the right message about your focus to solidify your brand.


Have fun with it.  Be yourself and be on your game!

To register for the Career Opportunity Fair, click here.

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Job Search Reality Check – 5 Tips for Success


Searching for employment – be it the dream job or the next step on the corporate ladder – can be exhausting.  There are many other choice words I could use to describe this laborious process such as demeaning, grueling, time-consuming, frustrating, and in my history, each job search is its own monster.  As a career coach, I seek to assist those during this difficult process, either as a resource or just an ear to vent to.  What I have realized from my own personal experience and that of others, is that a job search doesn’t truly become successful until a ‘reality check’ ensues.  For those new to the job search arena, or the seasoned vets, it may be time for a reality check, to ensure each individual has a realistic approach to their career goals. Here are five tips for a successful job search. Continue Reading

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Career Link: Interim for Interns



The Full-time UST MBA class of 2014 embarked on more than 30 different internships this past month, many of which were outside Minnesota’s borders.  As the days continue to fly by, Graduate Business Career Services would like share a few internship tips before the green leaves of summer change to autumnal shades of fall.

Hopefully you are enjoying your summer internship experience.  By now, you know what you are expected to do and when it needs to be done.  And, you are doing a great job, exceeding expectations.

But wait, there’s more to the internship than doing it well.  Here are some suggestions to ensure you make this a great summer internship experience.

If you haven’t done this already, do it now:   Continue Reading

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Sites Worth Searching

Finding available employment opportunities has become much easier than that of the days where scouring the Classifieds was the only option. As there are several websites to choose from, some more reliable than others, it may be best to devise a process to your search.  Designating days for specific websites, as well as tasks such as revamping resumes, networking and updating social media platforms should all be part of a daily and weekly process for the engaged job seeker.  The University of St. Thomas offers two Tommie specific websites geared toward their graduate and undergraduate students that house thousands of “Tommie” employment opportunities, but there are also several other notable websites for job seekers to check out.

Tommie Careers for Undergraduates                                  CareerLink for Graduate level students

Jennifer Bergen, writer for PCmag describes a few helpful websites below:



With more than 50 million unique visitors and 1 billion job searchers per month, Indeed claims to be the top job site worldwide. The free site gives job seekers access to millions of job listings aggregated from thousands of company websites and job boards across all fields. Not sure where to start when looking for a job on such a robust site? Indeed has a list of tips to help you in your search, such as how to narrow or broaden your hunt, what abbreviations to use, and how to use complex phrases within the search field. If you don’t want to search the site every day, you can set up job alerts to arrive daily in your inbox. As of February 24, Indeed posted close to 600,000 new jobs in one week.



Search engine company SimplyHired says it’s working on building the largest online database of jobs. SimplyHired’s search engine pulls listings from thousands of sites across the Web, including job boards, company career sites, newspapers, non-profit organizations, government sites, and more. Users can create an account, which allows them to name, save, and manage searches; manage email alerts; revisit jobs they’ve already viewed; rate and save notes about jobs they’ve viewed; and block specific companies or sites from showing up in their searches. SimplyHired currently has more than 5 million jobs listed from across the Web. Users can browse by state, city, company, industry, or job category.

The site is also a great resource for finding more information about a specific location’s job market. For example, enter Brooklyn, NY and find out basic information about the locale, its job market, the most popular companies offering jobs there, what jobs are the most popular, what industries are hiring, and how the job trends have changed.

linkedin logo


Started from the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman in 2002,LinkedIn is now the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. There are more than 150 million members in over 200 countries and two new members join every second. Free to use, the site lets members create resume-like profiles—listing work experience, skills, interests, etc.—and then send invitations to others to join their network. Once linked up, a user can view his or her new connection’s network and can quickly form valuable contacts. Users looking for a way into a specific company can search the company’s name to see if they have any connections there. Even if a user doesn’t know an employee directly, he or she may have a mutual contact and can request to be introduced. LinkedIn also functions as a job board where employers post openings and users can apply.

If you’re new to LinkedIn or just want to make the most of the powerful social networking site, make sure to check out our 5 Tips for Polishing Your LinkedIn Account.




So you found a job you’re interested in applying to, but you first want to make sure it’s at a befitting company. Do your research and check out, a free career community that gives users an inside look at jobs and companies. What makes the site unique is its “employee generated content,” which includes salaries, company reviews, interview questions, and more—all of which are posted by employees, job seekers, and

even the companies themselves. Thinking about making a career shift from copywriting to PR? Glassdoor lists average salaries for specific positions, so consider that before making a move. Also, as most of us know, it’s always good to have an inside connection at the company to which you’re applying. Thanks to a recently launched feature called Inside Connections, users can sign in using Facebook to see if any of their Facebook friends work at the companies of interest.














Tweet My Jobs

Networking used to be something you had to do face-to-face, but  nowadays, social networking has made it possible to connect with an employee or employer across the country.  TweetMyJobs works to combine social networking and job hunting by seamlessly integrating the user’s Facebook and Twitter profiles.  The services brings recruiters and job hunters together, allowing users to receive highly targeted job matches.  Users specify what kind of job they’re looking for and connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Then, TweetMyJobs sends updates about new recommendations by email, mobile phone, or Twitter.  TweetMyJobs has over 10,000 custom job channels on Twitter that are tweeting more than 50,000 new jobs each day.  The site will also suggest job channels for each user to follow after entering his or her preferences.



Others worth mentioning: – Careers 



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Looking back: Pioneers of the Full-time UST MBA Program

Today is the Spring 2010 Graduate Business Commencement. As a new class of graduates moves on, we thought we would look back at the first class of Full-time UST MBA students and where they are now. The following article, by Megan Kimball, is republished from B. Magazine.


Twenty-five men and women from different walks of life – some fresh out of college and some seasoned professionals – took a chance seven years ago, enrolling in a brand new, full-time MBA program at the University of St. Thomas. Continue Reading