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UST undergraduate business program jumps 26 places in latest Businessweek rankings

St. Thomas’ undergraduate business program ranks 80th of 145 eligible programs nationally.


The undergraduate program at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business placed 80th of 145 eligible programs nationally in rankings published this week by Bloomberg Businessweek. The school jumped 26 places from its previous rank of 106.

According to Businessweek, it ranks undergraduate business programs that meet requirements for accreditation, SAT and ACT test scores, and other factors. The magazine’s editors use a methodology that includes nine measures of student satisfaction, post-graduation outcomes and academic quality.

“To move this quickly up the rankings is a sign that the efforts of our faculty, staff, students and benefactors are building on our tradition of excellence,” said Dr. Christopher Puto, dean and holder of the Opus Distinguished Chair in Marketing. I could not be more grateful or proud of what they have accomplished. I am pleased that our mission to educate highly principled global business leaders is being recognized.Continue Reading

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Why You Should Job-Hunt During the Holidays

This post, by Pavi Andaloo, a second-year full-time MBA student, comes from the “CareerLink” blog by UST’s Graduate Business Career Services office.
Are you like me, who thinks of the holiday season as a break from job hunting due to the low recruitment activity going on in companies? If so, I believe we need to change our opinion after reading this article from BusinessWeek, which explains how we can leverage the open calendars of hiring managers during this season and outwit the competition.

Of the activities the author points out, the one that most struck me is: make calls to hiring managers instead of emailing.  You have a better chance of getting an answer around Christmas time as business activity is slow at this time of year, and it gives managers some time to devote to personal activities like recruiting.

So get ready to make the most of it, but remember – don’t pester them with calls!  One of the best practices we learned from our General Mills career services event last month is “Show patience and deference.”

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Businessweek: PR Belongs in B-School Studies

From Warren Buffet attempting to explain away insider trading at Berkshire Hathaway to Tony Hayward, formerly of BP, complaining about getting his life back, the litany of gaffes certainly changes public perceptions and corporate reputation—along with company valuations and career trajectories. Why then, aren’t even the highest-ranked MBA programs doing better at preparing graduates for eventual responsibilities in reputation management?

Last month, Anthony D’Angelo, co-chair of the Public Relations Society of America’s effort to influence MBA programs to add strategic communications content to their curricula noted in a column in Businessweek that few MBA programs bother to teach reputation management.

D’Angelo has a great point—one that the Opus College of Business has already taken to heart. At the core of his position lies ethical behavior. The cornerstone of our curriculum. From the start, principled business leaders who consider the long-range picture are less likely to run into many communications crises. (Though crises can always arise—and the way they are handled operationally is deeply intertwined with how they are communicated.)

Continue Reading

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For Part-Time MBAs, a Full-Size ROI


A recent article in Bloomberg Businessweek discussed the return-on-investment (ROI) of the part-time MBA, something I am often asked about.   It is a very important question that should be asked by every working professional considering going back to school – will this significant investment of time, money, and energy provide me with the return I expect?

It is difficult to quantify ROI monetarily for part-time students, as nearly all students come into the program already employed (and some already making significant salaries), many switch jobs while in the program, and often graduates don’t move positions until well after completing their degree.  So the time to recoup the investment varies widely per each student’s individual situation.  But as the article points out, ROI from the MBA can also come in other valuable forms: Continue Reading

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The “MBA Oath” Debate

The UST mission is printed on the back of my business card.  It states that the university “educates students to be morally responsible leaders who think critically, act wisely, and work skillfully to advance the common good.”

Ethics is integrated into the curriculum across all of our courses in the MBA program, and many prospective students I meet with have mentioned to me that UST’s strong reputation for ethical business education is one of the factors that attracted them to our program.  Recently, a group of Harvard Business school graduates created the “MBA Oath,” meant to address the proliferation of ethics scandals during the past several years. Continue Reading