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Trendspotting: A Business Major Is Not the Easy Way Out

St. Thomas business students work hard, care for others and enter the workforce with a strong, valued liberal arts education
From the Fall 2011 edition of B. Magazine, by Georgia Fisher

In the past six months, news reports have cited that the undergraduate business major is considered a “default” degree – an “easy” degree where students spend less time studying than students in other degrees. Critique also has been given that a business degree is viewed by many as a path to a job, but not to a well-rounded education and enlightenment.

In light of these recent comments in the media, my advising staff and I have used this opportunity to reflect upon our undergraduate business program at the University St. Thomas.

For more than 20 years, an average of 30 percent of the incoming freshman class at St. Thomas has indicated business as its primary intended major, along with 48 percent of the transfer students. There is an increase in the percentage of students indicating interest in business from the freshman to sophomore years. We believe this increase is due to the exploration that our liberal arts curriculum and the business core allow. Students are encouraged to explore broadly before making a commitment, and after that exploration, many more students make an informed choice to select business. They do not enter business by default.

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