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Integrating PBJ’s Into Your Job Search

Three square meals a day can aid your job search in countless ways including energy, and motivation, but that isn’t the career staple we were referring to.  MSPBJ, better known as the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Business Journal is a leading reference in today’s economy, specializing in the industry news, trends, professionals and companies of the Twin Cities.

Here are nine ways the Business Journal can boost your professional goals:

Companies on the Move

  • Lists designated in each publication listing specific companies who are the currently trending or in the spot light.

People on the Move

  • Great contacts who have recently moved companies, been promoted, or are known as industry experts, the “who’s who” in each industry to benefit any network. Continue Reading
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The tornado that created an iconic brand

Weather phenomena such as tornadoes don’t often come up in business school discussions about strategy and branding.  But a tornado that hit Roseville 30 years ago this week indirectly led to the rise of one of the Twin Cities’ most prominent companies.

company logos from 1966 and 1983

company logos from 1966 and 1983

The tornado that hit the Har-Mar Mall on June 14, 1981, killed one person and injured dozens of others.  It caused severe damage to a store called Sound of Music, which sold stereos and other household electronics.  As reported in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal, the merchandise that could be salvaged from the wreckage was put on sale and promoted as a “Best Buy.”

Two years later, owner Richard Schulze changed the name of his company to Best Buy, and it has become one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the United States.  A decade ago, Schulze donated $50 million to the University of St. Thomas to create the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship.   Part of the Opus College of Business, the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship building opened on the downtown Minneapolis campus in 2005, providing classrooms, faculty offices, reception areas, and space for start-ups to begin their business operations.

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Lynn Casey honored for Career Achievement

Women in BizThe Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal’s 14th Annual Women in Business Awards publication was released late last week.  Lynn Casey, CEO and Chairwoman of public relations firm Padilla Speer Beardsley Inc., was chosen as this year’s Career Achievement honoree and is featured on the cover. 

Padilla Speer Beardsley is the largest public relations firm in the area, according to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal’s 2011 Book of Lists ranking the Twin Cities’ top businesses.  The company took in more than $15 million in net fee income last year, more than double that of its closest competitor.

Casey, a graduate of the Evening UST MBA program, manages to find the time to serve as the chair of Meet Minneapolis, the official convention and visitors association responsible for promoting tourism and travel to Minneapolis.  She is also a member of the executive committee of the Minneapolis Downtown Council along with Opus College of Business Dean Christopher Puto.

The Opus College of Business is proud to count Lynn Casey among our alumni, and we congratulate her on her career successes and contributions to the Twin Cities business community!

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Entrepreneur targets children’s medical device market

DesignWise Medical

While marketing and finance have long been the top areas of focus within most MBA programs, entrepreneurship and non-profit management have become increasingly popular during the past decade.  Prospective students often ask our admissions team for examples of successful ventures created by our alumni.  Evening UST MBA alumnus Brad Slaker, who pursued an elective track in entrepreneurship, combined his background in engineering with a passion for helping children in launching non-profit medical device company DesignWise Medical.

Not long after founding his company, Slaker was profiled in the StarTribune.  The article noted that despite the fact that Minnesota is a “hotbed” of medical device research in the United States, little focus had been placed on pediatric devices due to the relatively small size of the potential market.  Slaker decided to rely on volunteers from the medical community as well as universities to help his vision succeed.  For the past two years, he has worked with University of St. Thomas senior engineering students to help develop products. Continue Reading

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Pour It Like You Mean It: The Evolution of the Caribou Coffee Brand

Last Friday, more than 50 Full-time UST MBA students had the opportunity to learn about the promise and pitfalls Caribouinherent in refreshing the brand identity of an iconic corporate brand.  Alfredo Martel, Senior Vice  President of  Marketing & Product Management for Caribou Coffee, led a discussion about the process of creating a new logo and brand identity elements, then rolling out the new campaign to almost 500 stores nationwide.

Caribou Coffee is the world’s second-largest coffee retailer and is headquartered here in the Twin Cities.  The company opened its original store at 44th & France 18 years ago and has since expanded to 40 states.  Mr. Martel, joined by Jake Miller, UST undergraduate alumnus and brand manager at Caribou, discussed the challenge of managing a consistent brand across hundreds of stores in a variety of regions of the country.  As the company rapidly grew during the past decade, new product packaging and advertisements did not always have a unified look.  Continue Reading

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Dean Christopher Puto to moderate gubernatorial panel tomorrow

governor race

Election Day may still be 10 weeks away, but the candidates aspiring to become Minnesota’s next governor already have their campaigns well under way.  In these difficult economic times, business concerns are at the forefront of voters’ minds. 

Wondering how each of the candidates plans to address the economic issues facing Minnesota?  Dr. Christopher Puto, Dean of the Opus College of Business, will host a gubernatorial panel on the University of St. Thomas’ downtown Minneapolis campus tomorrow morning.  The forum is presented by the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal and will focus solely on economic, not social, issues.

If you’d like to read more about the governor’s race, the Politics in Minnesota website provides links to each candidate’s website as well as recent news stories.

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Heading for the top: considering CEO pay

It used to be that CEOs made something like 40 times their average worker’s salary, in recent years that has jumped to three or four hundred times the average worker’s salary. Many aspiring MBAs are really aspiring CEOs. Who wouldn’t say they want a shot at that top spot and the big compensation packages that come along with it?

Long-Term Trends in CEO and Worker Pay

On that note, the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal has a special report on executive compensation this week. The Journal’s annual analysis of CEO compensation and company performance for the state’s 100 largest public companies produced some interesting findings, Continue Reading

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Business Journal names St. Thomas among ‘Best Places to Work’

UST's downtown Minneapolis campusReprinted from the Bulletin.

St. Thomas has been named a “Best Place to Work” by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

The weekly newspaper announced Friday that St. Thomas is one of 10 employers recognized in the “large” category (1,001 or more full-time Minnesota employees). Fifteen medium-sized employers (101-1,000 employees) and 30 small employers (10-100) also have been recognized.

Details on how high St. Thomas placed among the 10 large employers will be released Aug. 26 at a luncheon at the Minneapolis Hilton. The newspaper will publish a special section on the project in its Aug. 27 edition.

As part of the project, full-time employees were asked to participate in an anonymous survey about working at St. Thomas. Continue Reading

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How does Minnesota stand as a place to do business?

A recent article in the Minneapolis/St. Paul edition of Business Journal cited research results published in Chief Executive magazine which rank Minnesota 31st of the 50 states as places to do business.  According to the article, 651 CEOs provided perspectives on a “broad range of issues, including proximity to markets and resources, regulation, tax policies, workforce quality, education resources, quality of living and infrastructure.”  Even though Minnesota “scored high in the magazine’s rankings for factors such as education, health and livability,” the article infers that its ranking as 43rd worst for “business tax climate” likely outweighed these other factors significantly. Continue Reading