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What do the best corporate blogs do well?

Target-blog2Earlier this week, friend, colleague and fellow blogger Aaron Pearson asked me to speak to his class at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. The topic? Corporate blogging. Something I know a thing or two about based on my personal experiences with this blog and the lessons I’ve put to good use for my clients.

I actually titled my presentation “Is corporate blogging dead?” I hope we all know the answer to that question. And yeah, I was having a little fun with the title. But, the fact remains that 28 percent of Fortune 500 companies have a public blog. Not a bad number. Especially considering we’re talking about the biggest of the big. What about the thousands of other blogs from midsized and small businesses out there? No doubt, those numbers are fairly large.

So, corporate blogging is NOT dead. Who’s doing it well? Continue Reading

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Who holds the keys to your Social Media dashboards?

Recently a friend was lamenting the difficulties associated with the recent departure of two employees from the nonprofit she runs.  She indicated that the pair left under less than amicable terms and days later her remaining staff found themselves locked out of administrative access to the organization’s Facebook page.  Further, one of the individuals had maintained a blog on Blogspot for the organization, which abruptly disappeared, including years of archived postings.

So, here I sit thinking about this, mind racing with thoughts – effectively speechless.  Certainly, no one condones such vindictive behaviors, and most people exiting a firm (even when disgruntled) wouldn’t stoop to this level.  But clearly some succumb to the temptation when left with absolute power over these electronic extensions of the organization’s brand. Continue Reading

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Ask the consultant: Advice for creating a blog?


I’m a massage therapist with decent writing and technical skills. I’m considering a blog for marketing and educating clients about massage therapy. As a first-time blogger, what’s the best way to approach this project?

New Feeling Therapeutic Massage


As someone who has published a blog monthly since 1999, I understand the purpose of the blog you are suggesting — assuring you and your practice remain top-of-mind when clients need massage services. For the marketing-oriented blogger, start with two key elements: audience and content.

You need to know your target for a couple of reasons: how will your blog get in front of them; and what are their needs/interests (which leads to content). Continue Reading

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Opus College of Business Wins Promotional Excellence Award

The University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business has been selected as the winner of the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals’ (NAGAP) 2010 Promotional Excellence Award.

The Promotional Excellence Award recognizes best practices in using social media to engage prospective students. The Opus College of Business is being recognized for its combined use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs to create an engaged and growing on-line community. Continue Reading

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Trend Spotting: Social Media in Higher Ed

When is the last time you watched a video on YouTube? Posted a comment on Facebook? Tweeted? Chances are if you spend time online, you use social media. A recent Knowledge Networks report found that 83 percent of the online population (ages 13-54) use social media. These tools allow all of us to participate in, and contribute to, the greater conversation.

Within the Opus College of Business, we are using social media software – blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and more – to extend our busy and engaging academic environment into the public sphere. Continue Reading