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Friendly admissions advice: avoid procrastination!

As we all know, it’s human nature to put off doing things that aren’t “fun” until the last minute.  And most people would agree (admissions directors included) that working on an MBA application is not the most fun way to spend your free time.  However, there are compelling reasons to submit your application well in advance of posted deadlines.

At most universities, including UST, candidates who apply early have the greatest chances of being considered for available scholarships.  Once the scholarships have been awarded, they’re gone–there is a finite scholarship budget at every university.  So if you are interested in being considered for these awards, it is advantageous to complete your application early.

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Take it From Me…

Every MBA must demonstrate proficiency in two key areas: quantitative reasoning and concise communication. The GMAT is a good tool for assessing these capabilities. We find that ensuring our candidates are fully competent in quantitative subjects is particularly important for their success in our rigorous, quantitative MBA curriculum.  For this reason, we include the following statement on the application form, “Please describe experiences and skills that demonstrate the strength of your quantitative skills.” In response, one UST MBA hopeful wrote that they believed that their talent in knitting demonstrated their quantitative skills.

Knitted brain

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Admissions Update

This has been a great week since the rest of the admissions team and I have been busy interviewing applicants for fall 2010 and reviewing applications.  So far I have been very, very impressed by the candidates we’ve met with.  For me, the interview is such an important part of the application process since it puts a face to the name on the application file.  As a smaller program, we take pride in getting to know our students well, and the interview lets us learn more about applicants’ interests, goals, and experiences that will enable them to add their own unique perspective to the incoming class.

While it’s early in the application process for the new class, I am looking forward to seeing some more great candidates for our December 15 application deadline.  It won’t be long before we begin mailing out our first letters of acceptance for the class of 2012!