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Beyond the Classroom: an MBA Career Checklist


Your GMAT test scores are in, class registration is complete, and school supplies are bought, any new graduate business student should feel rather relieved.  That is until classes start, group projects commence and midterms roll around.

The goal for many MBA students is not only to advance their education, but to propel their career. During the full-time MBA student launch week, professors remind each student that this two-year journey should be seen as a two-year job search. Whether you’re simply seeking a wider knowledge base, or to transfer into a new occupation, here are three steps that serve as an essential addition to your rigorous UST business course work.

Graduate Business Check List

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Cultivating Creativity: Start by Un-learning

Has the phrase “why didn’t I think of that” crossed your lips when introduced to a new business, product or service? That’s what I think every time I see a Bite Squad car drive by, utilize online clinics, like Virtuwell, and use most of the apps on my phone.

Why didn’t we think of those things?

Most of us have encountered a problem that would be solved by any one of those ideas. New and innovative ideas are being put into practice from breakthrough medical devices to services that make our lives easier. How can we be more creative and be the person coming up with the good ideas? Continue Reading

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How to End the Shutdown – Commentary from Senator Durenberger

Senator David Durenberger shared his thoughts on the Affordable Care Act, the government shutdown and health care reform in a commentary from the National Institute of Health Policy here at the University of St. Thomas. Presented here are a few highlights. Read his complete commentary.

October 1 was the beginning of an exciting new journey for health policy reformers…Given the partisan nature of the attacks on both the passage and the implementation of the new law.

The rebuilding of health care in America did not start with the “glitchy” insurance exchanges.  It began in communities across this country years ago. It began with the consolidation and integration of physicians, physician groups, and hospitals in places like Minneapolis-St. Paul and with the “disruptive technology” of retail clinics, urgent centers, and health information apps.

The Affordable Care Act adds a unique dimension to U.S. health policy.  Something that is common to every developed nation’s policy.  National goals for health policy.  The goals reflect public opinion regarding the most appropriate way to a healthier America and more affordable, accessible, high quality health care.  They reflect “reformer” activity in many communities across the country. Goals are a means to bring elected policy makers from all parts of the country and both political parties closer to comparing inter-governmental approaches to:  Healthy people, healthy communities, and a value-based health insurance and care provider system. Continue Reading

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Minnesota’s Nice

TC_Graphic_080213_300A Minnesotan born and bred, I have had the good fortune to live in other places. My heart skips a beat when I hear a British accent, recalling the years I lived in London, and I get practically giddy when I see photos of the Bay Bridge, a twice-daily part of my commute during the years I lived in San Francisco. But after each foray into new locations – locations I loved and continue to yearn for – I returned to Minnesota.  While this has made my mom happy, it’s left me pondering what this place offers that keeps me, and so many others, retracing their paths home…or moving here in the first place.

A recent video featuring the Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern, above, highlights his reasons for living here, and I tend to agree with him. The choice of restaurants featuring locally-sourced food in my southeast Minneapolis neighborhood is astonishing, from The Lowbrow to Wise Acre. The wide range of theaters, from the Mixed Blood to the Guthrie, put us top of the list when it comes to number of theaters per capita. In the past five years, the Twin Cities, and Minnesota in general, have rated at or near the top of lists including best city for entrepreneurs, top city for technology, most literate city, smartest city in the country, best place to start and grow a company, best city for work and family, and, perhaps as a result, hottest job market in the country. Continue Reading

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Ask Michael Scott: In the World of Business, an MBA Matters

Earning an MBA… even Michael Scott, notorious Scranton branch manager of fictional paper-producer Dunder-Mifflin, knows it’s a game-changer for business leaders, career advancers or career changers.  It’s particularly important for those of us not gifted with enough athletic prowess to enter the NBA directly from high school.

So, how can you get a leg up on the rest MBA applicants?  What is the best way to start researching business schools, learning about application requirements, preparing for the GMAT, and connecting with students and alumni at the schools to which you are applying?  The University of St. Thomas Evening MBA and Full Time MBA programs have your answer:  The UST MBA Forum, Saturday, October 12 from 9 a.m. – noon. Continue Reading

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The Value Proposition


After recently attending an executive coaching session in which our second-year full-time MBA students were asked to create a value chart in order of priority for family, work, community and self, the emphasis placed on “values” got me thinking.  While a large proportion of the current professional population has been affected in some way by the arduous job market, how important are values to job seekers?

At a MBA Career Services and Employers Alliance student-lead panel, full-time MBA students  from St. Thomas and the U of M cited various items they consider prior to accepting a job offer.  Of those, professional advancement, opportunity to learn and be challenged as well as sharing the same values rated much higher than a competitive salary. There are a few things any job seeker should think about before accepting a position (or even applying for one). Continue Reading

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Clients, connections and creativity

KarwoskiIt’s not only the agency world that has clients – if you’re in a marketing communications function within a company, you have internal clients, and that’s a good mentality to have when it comes to producing great work.

A big part of doing great work is making meaningful connections. Connecting with your clients, whether internal or external, to make certain you’re asking the right questions and solving the right problem/challenge.

Great creative work is always rooted in great strategy, which begins with solving the right problem/challenge. The classic example being the railroad industry approaching strategy from a perspective of being in the railroad business, not grasping that they were in fact really in the transportation business. Continue Reading

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Margaret Murphy ’00 M.B.A. on Clients, Creative and Connections

Admissions Transfer Student Portraits

Evening UST MBA alumna Margaret Murphy, president of OLSON and its subsidiary 1to1, understands the importance of these three C’s of her business. We’ve taken some excerpts from her interview with B. Magazine in Fall 2011 to share here. 

“Our objective is to build and activate brand communities from the masses down to the one-to-one level for our clients,” stated Murphy, reinforcing the company mantra “Connection is all that counts.” The goal is then to tailor the interactions and communications to benefit the consumer, such as offering timely information and special offers most relevant and valued by each individual, which in turn drives business for the client.

“I get a lot of energy from ‘solutioning’ around our clients in a creative way,” remarks Murphy, “whether that’s actual design or just how we creatively solve a client’s problem.” Great creative design and clever messaging will always be a core part of advertising and marketing, but to strategically build and execute a campaign across several channels and platforms simultaneously (print, PR, online, mobile, etc.) requires a “line-blurring agency” according to Murphy. Continue Reading

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Advanced Degree Advance Career


How Can My MBC or MBA degree help me move up?Graduation

You know your graduate degree is helping you to think and act in a new way on the job.  You see business challenges and opportunities from multiple perspectives and understand how different parts of your organization work together (or not) to get things done.  As you know, your new degree is not an automatic ticket to success.  But it sure can help you transform your professional brand, i.e., how you are perceived at your work.

How do you demonstrate your value?  Here are three suggestions.  First, you have to get your work done, on time, in a quality manner, and where people you worked with want to work with you again.  No question about that.  But you’d be surprised how many people really don’t know what is expected and, as a result, consistently miss the mark and/or forget the “people” side of the equation. Continue Reading

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Six Ethical Ideals for PR

ethics1The  Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) designates September as ethics month and Mike Porter, APR, Director of the Master of Business Communication Program here at the University of St. Thomas has written a post for the Minnesota PRSA blog on the topic.

We often think in terms of communication ethics being central to crises – in particular the disclosure of information and details for the safety of one of many stakeholder groups.  However, as the Ethics Officer for Minnesota Public Relations Society of America, I suggest that such transparency is no less important when considering how messages are deployed about a firm or its product and service offerings in an increasingly complex promotional environment online.

Read the rest of Porter’s post and learn the Six Ideals to Maintain as PR Professionals on the MN PRSA Perspectives Blog.