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The Most Influential Fast Company Articles in the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship

The Social Lights Co-Founder & CEO Martha McCarthy reads Fast Company cover-to-cover.

The Social Lights Co-Founder & CEO Martha McCarthy reads Fast Company cover-to-cover.

Have you seen the annual list of the “Most Creative People in Business” or learned something interesting from a “30 Second MBA” video? Those are two notable features from Fast Company, introduced under the direction of its editor, Robert Safian. Please join us as we welcome Safian to the Opus College of Business as our 2013 Opus Distinguished Speaker, Thursday, November 14.

Fast Company has garnered a reputation for highlighting the “new” in business while honoring the “tried and true.” By presenting stories of the people behind innovative business thinking, the magazine gives hope to millions of workers, entrepreneurs and leaders that meaningful change is possible. Entrepreneurs in the Schulze School Lab often turn to the magazine for ideas, inspiration and guidance. We asked them and the entrepreneurship faculty to share some of their favorite Fast Company articles. Continue Reading

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How a Psychology Major Changed his Career with an MBA

Quinten McGruder

Quinten McGruder ’04, ’07 M.A., ’11 M.B.A.

Quinten McGruder ’04, ’07 M.A., ’11 M.B.A. had never taken a business class when he entered the Evening UST MBA program. With an educational background in psychology, McGruder was counseling at a charter school by day and attending MBA classes at night in order to expand his window of professional opportunity. And though he knew a career change was likely after the program, he didn’t expect it upon graduation – it was a St. Thomas connection who helped him step into the world of marketing and into his current role as director of business operations at REAL Insight Inc. Continue Reading

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Up to the Challenge (The Fowler Business Concept Challenge)

up tot he challenge

Since its creation in 2005 following a generous gift from Dick Schulze, the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship has sought not only to educate its students and program participants but also to engage them in such a way that they leave with both the tools to succeed and the tools to make a difference in the world. With many successful entrepreneurship alumni, such as Mason Thelen (serial entrepreneur and owner of Elicit Insights) and Ben Anderson (owner of Cinemotion), it is apparent that this practical and forward-thinking approach to business education has had a profoundly positive outcome for its students. With that in mind, it is easy to see why the Fowler Business Concept Challenge through the Morrison Center for Entrepreneurship has found such success among UST students. Continue Reading

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Improv: A Career Gold Mine

Usually the best advice comes from experience.  Tina Fey, actress and Saturday Night Live star, is just that. Experienced.

As a cast member of Saturday Night Life, her comedic history traverses decades of movies, parodies and skits.  The success to all of these humorous ventures centers around one acting principle, IMPROVISATION.  Several books such as What Color is Your Parachute, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Who Moved My Cheese have long been the bibles to career advancement and professional development. In her book BossypantsFey accounts her comedic success to that of improvisation, and depicts the four rules to improv below.

To succeed in improvisation, one must master the ability to:

  1. Always agree
  2. Say yes
  3. Make a statement
  4. No mistakes

While these rules seem simple enough for a comedian, their value heightens in the professional world. Continue Reading

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Corporate Messaging in Every Cookie

JanetandPhil / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

In a recent discussion in my Strategic Writing course, we considered a company called Mondelēz International.  Actually, we started by looking at a snack-sized package of Oreo cookies.  The point of the dialogue was to consider what “corporate” messaging  means to a copywriter in the marketing department asked to develop material geared to sell snack-packs.

Now, you may not have heard of Mondelēz International, but if you took the time to click through on the link above, many of the brands featured in the animation will prove familiar.  And there in the midst is Oreo, a product that still bears the Nabisco logo on the package (which ends up being a brand between other brands). Continue Reading

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Voldemort vs. Health Care

Iain Browne / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Dr. Don Berwick, former administrator of the centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and former president and CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement spoke at the 14th annual Physician Leadership Symposium, held earlier this month at the Opus College of Business.

With his credentials, you might expect his presentation to be filled with medical terminology and jargon–however, Berwick began by introducing us to his beloved and most brilliant four-year-old grandson, and a character from the Harry Potter books, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.  As a proud grandfather, physician and expert in providing quality health care, Berwick is deeply concerned for the present status and future of U.S. health care.

What does Voldemort (gasp!), have to do with health care?  Using Harry Potter’s evil character as a metaphor, Berwick defined 11 monsters — economic and social variables impacting our health care system. The unspeakable hot topics included: Continue Reading

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Love Your Melon Day Highlights UST’s “Lemonade Stand Class”

Happy Love Your Melon Day! St. Thomas President Julie Sullivan has declared Tuesday, Oct. 22, Love Your Melon Day at the University of St. Thomas, joining Mayor R.T. Rybak and Mayor Chris Coleman who made similar declarations on behalf of the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

In celebration of its first anniversary, a team of UST undergrads is spreading the word about its class assignment, turned social venture, Love Your Melon. For each hat this student-run company sells, another is donated to a child battling cancer. In less than one year, more than 2,000 hats have been purchased, with an equal number going to young cancer patients.

Watch Zach Quinn, the co-founder of the non-profit on KARE 11 Sunrise »

Continue Reading

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3 Paths to Make It As An Entrepreneur

UST Photo by M JensenAnyone can opt to be an entrepreneur, but the real question is who will be successful.  At BeamPines we assessed many executives who, even when they were at the general manager level or higher, dreamed of leaving and running their own business. However, when given the opportunity, 90% of these executives opted instead to return to corporate life. Why? Since many of these executives had spouses, mortgages and children ready to enter or already in college, they worried about risk. So given an offer to take a high level job back in corporate with a good compensation package vs. the uncertainty of finding the right entrepreneurial opportunity, they usually chose the former.

The most famous entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are unique. Brilliant, impatient and impervious to risk, they can’t even wait to graduate college before getting started. One of our clients, Bob Stiller of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, failed out of Syracuse twice before starting Easy Wider which became a big hit with people wanting to roll their own cigarettes. Once he sold this business, he took his profits and moved to Vermont where in 1981 he opened up a small cafe in Waitsfield, roasting and serving coffee. It was so good, demand for the coffee grew and local restaurants and inns asked to be supplied and Green Mountain Coffee came about. Doing very well, in 2006 he came up with the brilliant but risky idea to purchase Keurig, a manufacturer of single cup pods of coffee (the K cup). This gave GMCR a niche which enabled brought the company to new levels of success. The company’s stock is up 200% this year.

However, most executives don’t have the one “great idea.” To become successful entrepreneurs they need to either buy or start a business. They also need luck and the right timing. Here are three paths you might consider. Continue Reading

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Beyond the Classroom: an MBA Career Checklist


Your GMAT test scores are in, class registration is complete, and school supplies are bought, any new graduate business student should feel rather relieved.  That is until classes start, group projects commence and midterms roll around.

The goal for many MBA students is not only to advance their education, but to propel their career. During the full-time MBA student launch week, professors remind each student that this two-year journey should be seen as a two-year job search. Whether you’re simply seeking a wider knowledge base, or to transfer into a new occupation, here are three steps that serve as an essential addition to your rigorous UST business course work.

Graduate Business Check List

Continue Reading

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Cultivating Creativity: Start by Un-learning

Has the phrase “why didn’t I think of that” crossed your lips when introduced to a new business, product or service? That’s what I think every time I see a Bite Squad car drive by, utilize online clinics, like Virtuwell, and use most of the apps on my phone.

Why didn’t we think of those things?

Most of us have encountered a problem that would be solved by any one of those ideas. New and innovative ideas are being put into practice from breakthrough medical devices to services that make our lives easier. How can we be more creative and be the person coming up with the good ideas? Continue Reading