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New Mayo Innovation Scholars Named

In the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program, a select group of Minnesota students has the chance to participate in an extraordinary internship that places it at the intersection of science, business, medicine and ethics for five months of one academic year.

Every day, Mayo inventors share ideas with the Mayo Clinic Ventures office, and the full development of these ideas a challenge. This is where the Mayo Innovation Scholars come in.  Twelve teams made up of two undergraduate science students and two business students are each led by MBA students. These team leaders were responsible for overseeing the undergraduate teams, which includes ensuring the delivery of the project requirements, setting milestone goals, providing technical assistance, communicating with all stakeholders, and assisting with the final paper and presentation delivery.

In 2013, five of the 12 teams were led by then second-year UST MBA students, including Samantha Majkowski, Daniel Kolar, Karen Satterlie, Abbey Pieper and Boubakar Jalloh. UST MBA class of 2014 students Nana Yaa Dodi, Brianne Hamm, Sheng Lee Tomar and Pleasant Radford have been named Mayo Innovation Scholars team leaders for 2014.

Read more about Mayo Innovation Scholars Program in the Fall 2013 edition of B. Magazine, just out.

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She Paved the way for Women in Commercial Real Estate

Helen Brooks. Photo by David Sherman

Helen Brooks. Photo by David Sherman

As one of the first female leaders in the Twin Cities real estate community, Helen Brooks paved the way for women in commercial real estate.

When she first embarked on a career in commercial real estate, finding a company that would take a chance on hiring a woman was a challenge. At that time, women simply were not in the industry. Brooks got her feet wet at Premiere Realty when they hired her in 1965. She spent four years at the company before venturing out on her own and founding Brokers’ Exchange in 1969. After working for nine years on many successful deals with clients such as Pizza Hut, White Castle and McDonald’s, Bill Reiling and Fred Lamb of Towle Real Estate offered her a position. Brooks quickly became known industry-wide as “that woman at Towle,” successfully working with many satisfied clients while representing the industry exceptionally well.

Brooks is one of five inductees in The Minnesota Real Estate Hall of Fame this year. Leonard Bisanz (1918 – 2002), Thomas Crowley, M.A. Mortenson, Sr. (1905 – 1986) and Kenneth Stensby (1940 – 2013) will also be inducted this year. They will be honored at an event October 24, presented by The Shenehon Center for Real Estate at the Opus College of Business. Continue Reading

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Career Link: The Culture Match


At Thanksgiving dinner last year, someone casually asked one of my relatives when he planned to retire. He pulled out his iPad and had down to the hour, minute, and second how long it would be until that moment. It made me realize that my career philosophy was very different than his. I realized that I never wanted to be in a position of being so ready to be done with my career that I counted down the minutes. Rather, I’d prefer to be so driven by my work that the days fly by. Now don’t get me wrong, I love heading home on a Friday, but I also love the feeling of having a purpose I’m excited about when I go into work on a Monday!

If you want to enjoy your career, and all the steps along the way, it’s important to have similar values as the company you work for. If the majority of my leadership team and employees had the same mindset as my relative, I likely wouldn’t feel the same satisfaction in my job as I currently do.

Ask yourself: Does my leadership team look at this company, my role, and ultimately my work dramatically different than I do?   Continue Reading

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Minnesota Tourism: A Summer of Growth

tourismjobsWith so much to see and do throughout the state, Minnesota tourism is heating up along with the temperatures this summer. Those who live here know about all this great state has to offer – everything from theater and shopping to outdoor adventure and music. “Minnesota is an affordable destination and a close-to-home getaway for our target markets, which appeals to budget-conscious travelers,” said John Edman, director of Explore Minnesota Tourism.

Travel and tourism have a significant impact on the local economy, affecting every county in the state. Tourism is an $11.9 billion industry in Minnesota, a key sector of the state’s economy. The leisure and hospitality industry, a major provider of tourism services, employs almost 240,000, representing 11 percent of private sector employment. Leisure and hospitality also generate 17 percent of state sales tax revenues. Continue Reading

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Mankato Kasota Stone Closes – Helped Define the UST Brand

If you’re walking around in downtown Minneapolis it would be hard to miss the St. Thomas campus. Not because we have the biggest, or the tallest building downtown, but because each building has a distinctive look, thanks to their Kasota Limestone exterior. Sadly, it was reported last week in the Mankato Free Press that one of that city’s oldest businesses, Mankato Kasota Stone, “has closed as the recession-driven slowdown in construction hurt the market for local limestone.”

Photo by Mike Ekern.

Photo by Mike Ekern.

Mike Porter, director of the Master of Business Communication program noted that Kasota Limestone “certainly is a major element of the visual brand identity of the university.” He added that, “It facilitates the transfer of our brand to downtown.” True, especially when compared to the mostly metal and glass skyscrapers that make up the minneapolis skyline. Almost every building on the main campus in St. Paul is made with Kasota Limestone. Continue Reading

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What’s Happening in Twin Cities Residential Real Estate? Double-digit Gains


The median sale price for all homes sold in the Twin Cities has been recording double digit year-over-year gains for the past 13 months according to the Residential Real Estate Price Report index. Many of the other market indicators are positive as well. When compared to last year, new listings are up 26 percent and pending sales are up 17.9 percent.

The continuing uptick in sale price is a good sign that the market is recovering, according to Herb Tousley, director of real estate programs here in the Opus College of Business. But should homeowners be concerned that another bubble is looming?

Tousley says there are two reasons that the housing market is not headed for another bubble.

Read more in the UST Newsroom or in the complete May 2013 Minneapolis St. Paul Residential Real Estate Index report. Additional media coverage of this month’s report included the Star Tribune and BusinessWeek Online.

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Douglas Dayton (1924-2013) influenced retail real estate locally, nationally

“What is good for the community is good for business.” – Douglas Dayton

I’ve gotten to talk with some interesting people but Doug Dayton was one of my favorites. In part because he built two of my retail favorites; Target and Southdale. He was also good to work with while putting together information used to make this video  for the MN Real Estate Hall of Fame. Sad to hear this news of his passing this weekend.

Via Bring Me The News: The Strib’s Neal St. Anthony notes that Douglas Dayton was the youngest of five Dayton brothers who took over their father’s department store in the 1940s and built it into publicly held Dayton Hudson Corp, one of the nation’s largest regional department store chains.

This video, made for UST’s Shenehon Center Real Estate Hall of Fame, has a nice history of the Dayton brothers, as told by Douglas Dayton:

From the Dayton Brother’s Hall of Fame induction: Continue Reading

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Sorry Packers fans, Minnesota’s got Wisconsin beat

“Wisconsin may have better football teams than Minnesota, but the Badger State is eating our dust when it comes to the economy,” the  Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development wrote on their blog last week.

Minnesota Public Radio’s Paul Tosto posted some interesting statistics and charts of key economic data from the two states and concluded Minnesota did a much better job than Wisconsin of keeping people employed during the recession and putting them back to work in the recovery.

Read more: In the economic game, Minnesota is pulling away from Wisconsin.

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Why get an MBC (or MBA)? Here’s one student’s view.

milanowski porterEarlier this spring, Master of Business Communication student Christina Milanowski was named Minnesota PRSA’s 2012 Young Professional Award winner. She was recently interviewed by Arik Hanson for his “PR Rock Stars” series and discussed why she decided to get her degree, and, what she hopes to achieve as a result:

Pursuing a masters in business communications (technically an MBC) has been one of the most impactful moves I’ve made in my life. The spark you get from sitting in a classroom and collaborating with your classmates (or finishing your homework just in time) is unmatched in the workplace setting. At St. Thomas, MBA and MBC students often share classes, allowing me to learn alongside and from working professionals much different than me – engineers, accountants, HR benefits managers and medical device sales reps. Continue Reading

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Summer is festival season for MN – What is their economic impact?

The Aquatennial Fireworks '09Summer is here at last, it seems, and for many Minnesotans that means it is festival season. Lately I’ve heard Minnesota called the Land of 10,000 festivals, and it appears there’s something for everyone: art, beer, running, renaissance, Grand Old Day, the Aquatennial, the Irish Fair and, of course, the State Fair. Up north, Duluth has more than two dozen festivals. UST alumni have contributed a few to the mega mix of Minnesota festivals, like the Midwest Tomato Fest, now set for its third year on July 13.

How many festivals are there, actually, and what impact do all these events have on our state economy? MinnPost and Twin Cities Business recently sought to answer these questions and their article is worth a read. Here are a few snippets: Continue Reading