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Outdoorsman by day, MBA student at night

Those of you who enjoy outdoor pursuits such as hunting, fishing, and camping may be familiar with Rob Drieslein, managing editor of Outdoor News, “the sportsman’s online choice for news and information.”  Rob also cohosts a couple of radio shows, one of which is syndicated and another which is broadcast on KTLK-FM.

Outdoor NewsThe StarTribune recently profiled Rob as part of a series that takes a look at people who have made careers related to the outdoors in Minnesota.  After many years as a writer, Rob enrolled in the Executive UST MBA program and graduated in 2007.  As he explained in his interview with the StarTribune, “I wanted to be a guy who went fishing for a living. But I’ve found that if I want to make a living in this field, I’ve got to become more of a manager than a journalist.”

“Non-traditional” MBA students like Rob Drieslein are becoming increasingly common.  As Kellogg MBA graduate Jenn Yee recently noted on the Manhattan GMAT blog, students who don’t have the typical marketing, finance or consulting background can thrive in the MBA environment.  What at first may seem like a barrier to professional success (lack of traditional experience) can actually make a student stand out from the crowd.

With a successful career writing about the outdoors and more than 1,000 followers on Twitter, Rob Drieslein shows that post-MBA life doesn’t necessarily involve wearing a suit and sitting at a desk 40+ hours per week.  How could an MBA help (or how has an MBA degree helped) you pursue your career passion?

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Insights on Instigating an IPO

By Lindsey Buhrmann, a student in the Evening UST MBA Program

It’s always wonderful when a successful business leader takes time to share his or her experiences with students at the Opus College of Business, and it’s even more special when the person sharing this knowledge is an alum. That’s just one of the reasons why this past Friday’s Master’s Pub program, “The Road to a Successful IPO (initial public offering) in the New Economy,” featuring Executive UST MBA graduate Kim Nelson, was so interesting. Master’s Pub is a social and educational series that brings together St. Thomas MBA students and alumni every few months to learn about achievements in business.

Nelson has been CFO of SPS Commerce since 2007 and was instrumental in taking that company public.

“It was the most amazing and rewarding experience,” she said. Continue Reading

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Be Passionate: Entrepreneurial Tips from Paul Douglas

Lindsey Buhrmann, the author of this post, is a student in the Evening UST MBA.

A crowd of students and alumni filled Schulze auditorium to hear Douglas' Master's Pub presentation

A crowd of students and alumni filled Schulze auditorium to hear Douglas' Master's Pub presentation.

“I am convinced everybody has at least one business in them,” Paul Douglas told several hundred Opus College of Business graduate business students and alumni Friday night. His presentation, “Weathering the Storm: Surviving the Internet Age,” was part of Master’s Pub, a social and educational series that brings together St. Thomas MBA students and alumni every few months to learn about successes in business. Douglas, a meteorologist turned entrepreneur who has started, built and sold several companies advised those in attendance to “take what you love and see how you can turn that into a company.”

While Douglas discussed how the Internet is changing how news, information and advertising is disseminated and consumed (and has created amazing business opportunities), he offered some advice to those looking to start their own businesses: Continue Reading

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Executive MBA alumnus creates “Free Management Library”

Free Management Library

Today, most of us take Google and Wikipedia for granted when we want to find information.  Simply go to one of those websites, type in a search term, and voila–instant access to articles, news stories, and links to relevant websites about your topic of interest.

However, in the dark days of the internet before graphical browsers debuted in the mid-1990s, research tended to be a more laborious and time-intensive process.  Users navigated text menus, uploaded and downloaded data through FTP, and data was transferred via telephone line at a snail’s pace.  It was in this environment that Carter McNamara, an alumnus of the Executive UST MBA Program, began his online management library.

His site, www.managementhelp.org, was recently featured in the StarTribune.  With more than 1 million visitors per month, the site is used by entrepreneurs, researchers, MBA students, and the general public.  It provides thousands of articles, free of charge, that cover topics as varied as media relations, talent management, and e-commerce.  While it was a text-based site until fairly recently (2005), it now has the graphical hypertext interface that 21st-century web surfers have grown to know and love. 

So the next time you’re working on a project at work or a paper for your MBA class, keep in mind the Free Management Library–a great resource provided by a visionary UST MBA alumnus.

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MBA supplies: calculator, textbooks…passport?

travelIt’s no surprise to Opus Magnum readers that commerce is truly global today.  Large international conglomerates choose locations for their operations based on factors such as cost, availability of efficient transportation, and the educational level and language skills of local residents.  One firm may have its headquarters in the United States, engineering and design offices in Europe, manufacturing operations in China, and call centers in India or the Philippines. 

How do leaders of such corporations ensure that all of these widely-dispersed parts work together effectively?  MBA programs are increasingly tailoring their curricula to help students understand today’s global business environment.  A recent U.S. News and World Report article takes a look at several programs that have integrated on- and off-campus educational components focused on best practices in global business. Continue Reading