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Preparing for Success: Career Opportunity Fair

DSC04600The Career Opportunity Fair, hosted by the Graduate Business Career Services Department, will provide direct access to over 40 top employers for undergraduate and graduate level business students at the University of St. Thomas.  These top recruiters are seeking top talent from UST for internship and full time positions.  Tom Colosimo, Career Coach Specialist, details the best way to ace any Career Fair, but most importantly the Career Opportunity Fair, held next week in the Law School Schulze Grand Atrium on Friday, November 15th.

Prepping for a career fair can be nerve-racking and frustrating but it certainly does not need to be and it is very important.  If you go into a career fair prepared and with the right attitude information you should do well.  It’s all about knowing what you want, what they need, and creating your story to align to these variables. Many people go into a career fair with little or no preparation and come out thinking it was a waste of time.

The key elements to remember are:

Know what companies are going to be participating in the fair

  • Know the companies that you are most interested in; focus on your top 5
  • Research these companies – know their current activities and products
  • Know what initiatives they may have for the future
  • Get a handle on how your skills and experience align to their needs


Appearance is important for your brand and for that first impression

  • Be sure to have the ‘look of business’ that means business
  • Suite and tie for men and a nice dress suite for women
  • Error on the side of dressing conservatively; no wild colors or short skirts!
  • Do not overdo the colognes and perfumes; a nice scent is welcome but don’t overpower your environment and chase people away from you!
  • Smile!  It can mean so much when meeting people
  • Be genuine from hand-shake to tone of your voice
  • Practice your pitch so that it’s natural when you are delivering it to the recruiters

When you arrive at the fair, survey the flow of the attendees and be sure to identify where your companies are located right away. DSC04603

Start out by approaching companies that you may not know that much about and try your pitch on them to work out the kinks and get into your groove.  Do not approach your top companies right away since you may not be at ease yet.  Practice makes perfect.

If you get the business card of the recruiter or company contact, connect with them and thank them for the time they took to chat with you reminding them about your skills and interest in their company and WHY! Reach out on LinkedIn for that connection as well.  Many recruiters spend much of their time on social media looking for that next candidate.  With that in mind, make sure your LinkedIn profile sends the right message about your focus to solidify your brand.


Have fun with it.  Be yourself and be on your game!

To register for the Career Opportunity Fair, click here.

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Pioneering Health Care in Minnesota

hc-pioneer300Despite the threat of congress further changing the rules of our health care system, and a 16 day shutdown of the federal government, leaders across Minnesota and the Midwest have been working to increase the accessibility to insurance while improving patient care and reducing costs. So, instead of focusing on the political bloviating in Washington, let’s turn our attention to the opportunities being developed right here in Minnesota and in the greater University of St. Thomas community, where improvements have already changed the way patients receive new health care benefits. Daniel McLaughlin, M.H.A, the director of the UST Center for Health and Medical Affairs, shared his insight to the progressive nature of our evolving local health care models. Continue Reading

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Graduate Business Career Services Recognizes its Corporate Partners

U.S. Bank was named Strategic Corporate Partner of the Year.

U.S. Bank was named Strategic Corporate Partner of the Year.

More than 50 companies attended the Graduate Business Career Services Corporate Partner Reception this week.  There, three areas awards were presented: Corporate Champion of the Year, Strategic Corporate Partner and Strategic Corporate Partner of the Year.

Student Association President Preeti Sam, ’14 M.B.A. thanked the partners. “The value you all recognize that MBA students can have within your organization is appreciated, thank you for offering tours, information sessions but most of all, for offering internships,” said Sam. All of these activities, in addition to mentorships, and shadow days, provide students the opportunity to see the inner workings of many major organizations.

Sam completed her internship with U.S. Bank and noted that she never had the intention of working in the financial industry, but under the guidance of Terry Dolan, vice chairman of Wealth Management and Securities Services, she has come to see the world of “accidental bankers” as much more exciting and a possible option for her future.

Dean Christopher Puto, who noted that the education provided by St. Thomas coaches individuals to communicate effectively and confidently and was clearly recognized by each company in attendance. “I will never ask companies or recruiters to hire one of our students,” he said highlighting the UST student value proposition. “I will simply ask them to talk to them.” Continue Reading

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The Most Influential Fast Company Articles in the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship

The Social Lights Co-Founder & CEO Martha McCarthy reads Fast Company cover-to-cover.

The Social Lights Co-Founder & CEO Martha McCarthy reads Fast Company cover-to-cover.

Have you seen the annual list of the “Most Creative People in Business” or learned something interesting from a “30 Second MBA” video? Those are two notable features from Fast Company, introduced under the direction of its editor, Robert Safian. Please join us as we welcome Safian to the Opus College of Business as our 2013 Opus Distinguished Speaker, Thursday, November 14.

Fast Company has garnered a reputation for highlighting the “new” in business while honoring the “tried and true.” By presenting stories of the people behind innovative business thinking, the magazine gives hope to millions of workers, entrepreneurs and leaders that meaningful change is possible. Entrepreneurs in the Schulze School Lab often turn to the magazine for ideas, inspiration and guidance. We asked them and the entrepreneurship faculty to share some of their favorite Fast Company articles. Continue Reading

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Up to the Challenge (The Fowler Business Concept Challenge)

up tot he challenge

Since its creation in 2005 following a generous gift from Dick Schulze, the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship has sought not only to educate its students and program participants but also to engage them in such a way that they leave with both the tools to succeed and the tools to make a difference in the world. With many successful entrepreneurship alumni, such as Mason Thelen (serial entrepreneur and owner of Elicit Insights) and Ben Anderson (owner of Cinemotion), it is apparent that this practical and forward-thinking approach to business education has had a profoundly positive outcome for its students. With that in mind, it is easy to see why the Fowler Business Concept Challenge through the Morrison Center for Entrepreneurship has found such success among UST students. Continue Reading

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She Paved the way for Women in Commercial Real Estate

Helen Brooks. Photo by David Sherman

Helen Brooks. Photo by David Sherman

As one of the first female leaders in the Twin Cities real estate community, Helen Brooks paved the way for women in commercial real estate.

When she first embarked on a career in commercial real estate, finding a company that would take a chance on hiring a woman was a challenge. At that time, women simply were not in the industry. Brooks got her feet wet at Premiere Realty when they hired her in 1965. She spent four years at the company before venturing out on her own and founding Brokers’ Exchange in 1969. After working for nine years on many successful deals with clients such as Pizza Hut, White Castle and McDonald’s, Bill Reiling and Fred Lamb of Towle Real Estate offered her a position. Brooks quickly became known industry-wide as “that woman at Towle,” successfully working with many satisfied clients while representing the industry exceptionally well.

Brooks is one of five inductees in The Minnesota Real Estate Hall of Fame this year. Leonard Bisanz (1918 – 2002), Thomas Crowley, M.A. Mortenson, Sr. (1905 – 1986) and Kenneth Stensby (1940 – 2013) will also be inducted this year. They will be honored at an event October 24, presented by The Shenehon Center for Real Estate at the Opus College of Business. Continue Reading

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Facilities Authority Chair Says New Stadium Should Score For Downtown Minneapolis


There’s a lot to know about the plans for the new multi-purpose stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

Much information is readily available online. You can visit a website to learn, for example, that the roof of the Minnesota Vikings’ new home will be made of a strong, lightweight polymer called ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, which, fortunately, is abbreviated ETFE.

But what you can’t quite get from a website is a sense of human enthusiasm or insight, like when someone proudly says the new facility will be “the people’s stadium” or uses subtle humor to characterize the current Metrodome as “a big ice-laden blob” (honestly, though, isn’t that what we’re all thinking?). Continue Reading

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ACA Exchanges Launch Tomorrow – Dig in at USTbusiness Events

If you hadn’t heard, the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) in beginning to be implemented and tomorrow marks one major step in that direction. Health insurance exchanges open around the country allowing people to enroll for coverage of one kind or another that takes effect January 1.

Here in Minnesota, our exchange, MNsure explains itself as “a new marketplace where Minnesotans can fins, compare, choose and get quality health care coverage that best fits their needs and budget. MNsure is for you, whether you currently by health insurance on your own or you are uninsured.”

Many people will be observing this launch—from ordinary citizens, to the media and politicians on both sides of the health care debate. Look for Opus College of Business faculty in the media this week and beyond explaining the issues. And on campus, we’re planning several events that are in one way or another related to the Affordable Care Act and health in business. Here’s details on a few: Continue Reading

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Alumni Month Comes to a Close

Alumni Twins Outing

Opus College of Business Visits Target Field, Friday, Aug. 16.

With the first-ever Opus College of Business Alumni Month  now coming to a close, I hope you found time to take part in an event or two. As a graduate business alumnus, I understand that your time is valuable and it’s hard to fit networking and other events into your schedule when school previously took up so much of your time. The goal of Alumni Month was to provide a broad selection of event offerings to appeal to our large and diverse alumni network.

The monthly Open 4 Business Happy Hour, annual alumni boat cruise and student/alumni Twins outing provided an opportunity to catch up with your classmates, network and make new connections. The faculty roundtable brought together alumni and students to connect and reconnect with much-loved professors, as well as participate in an engaging discussion around industry trends and hot topics. Continue Reading

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Surly Intersections Event Double-fisted Business Practice with Theory

Omar Ansari, left, founder of Surly Brewing Company, talks with Alec Johnson, right, OCB entrepreneurship professor, in Schulze Hall Auditorium on August 14, 2013, at the Intersections of Entrepreneurship discussion. Photo by Mark Brown.

Omar Ansari, left, founder of Surly Brewing Company, talks with Alec Johnson, right, OCB entrepreneurship professor, in Schulze Hall Auditorium on August 14, 2013, at the Intersections of Entrepreneurship discussion. Photo by Mark Brown.

Serial entrepreneur John Osher, whose SpinBrush sold to Crest for $425 million, said “I don’t look for what’s on the shelf. I look for what’s not on the shelf.”

When Omar Ansari visited Minnesota liquor store shelves prior to 2006, he found very little craft beer. Fueled by a passion to “make beer for people who don’t know they wanted it”, he retooled his family’s abrasives factory into a brewery and spearheaded a bill to allow on-site pint sales at breweries.

Ansari, founder of Surly Brewing Co., teamed up with Opus College Prof. Alec Johnson Aug. 14 for an “Intersections” that double-fisted business practice with its theory. Continue Reading