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UST Launch Week and The State Fair: Our take on the great Minnesota get-together

statefairThe Minnesota State Fair started last week and for us that will mark 12 years since St. Thomas first hosted a booth at the fair.  UST volunteers welcome visitors and answer questions about St. Thomas.  Passers-by range from prospective and current students, parents, alumni—and some people stop by just for the free purple bags.

After all, you’ll need that purple bag to carry your stuff while you try the camel burgers, tongue tacos and nachos on a stick.    This year Fair-goers can also explore the Boy Scouts Adventure Summit, bring the kids to a “Great Big Sandbox,” and check out seven new attractions on the Mighty Midway–while navigating more than 320 acres of land in search of that perfect pronto pup.  What a great way to spend some time at the end of August…which gets me back to our own “great Minnesota get-together”—Full-time MBA Launch! Continue Reading

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For your Sweetheart: A Heart Shaped Pizza?

Gourmet chocolates, a dozen red roses, or anything packaged in a small little jewelry box is what immediately comes to mind when I think of Valentine’s Day gifts.  But it seems a heart shaped pizza for your sweetheart may be this year’s popular gift item, according to CNNMoney.  “Sarches on Google for ‘heart-shaped pizzas’ have soared 230% since January, according to Google’s research tool Insights for Search.”

The heart shaped pizza has been around for years. It may have been Lou Malnati’s, a family-run pizzeria chain in Chicago, that created the first heart-shaped pizza, more than 20 years ago.  Rick Malnati’s, the founder’s son, thought it would be clever to create a heart-shaped pizza and initially tried to make it with a cookie cutter. Eventually, he found a heart-shaped pan, and those pans are still used today. Continue Reading

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When is the best time to buy?

I need to replace the carpet in my home. When should I buy my hubby that big screen TV he’s been drooling over? This Minnesota winter weather (even if it is mild) is starting to get to me…I need to go somewhere warm, FAST! When is the best time for me to book my cruise to the Bahamas? You may have asked yourself some of these questions, but do you know the answers? Lifehacker does.

After the holidays, the last thing you’re probably thinking of is shopping, or making any additional purchases. But, a little advanced planning could help you and your family, save big in 2012. Lifehacker recently published a comprehensive list detailing, “The Best Time to Buy Anything in 2012.” After some research, analyzing trends, based on when certain items go in or out of stock and pricing data, here are the final results. Continue Reading

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Save Thanksgiving: Petition to Target Gathers 190,000+ Signatures

savethanksgiving2On Monday, a Target employee delivered a petition to Target Corporation in downtown Minneapolis asking for the retailer to delay the opening of its stores on Black Friday.  Target is scheduled to open at midnight Friday morning to compete with retail giant Wal-mart.  Target is making it mandatory for their (scheduled) employees report to work at 11 p.m. Thursday night to gear up for the crowds.

More than 190,000 signatures of upset Target employees and shoppers have been gathered.  Employees are saying, “Target is putting us in a difficult position.  They are forcing us to choose between Thanksgiving, spending time with family, sleep, and work.”

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$50,000 bonus after five years with your company

What would you think if someone told you you’d receive a $50,000 bonus if you stayed in your job for five years?  My guess is that most people would think, “it’s too good to be true” or “you’ve got to be crazy.”

Many people think Dan Schneider, founder and CEO of SIB Development and Consulting, is just that–“crazy.”  Dan isn’t crazy, he’s just thinking outside the box and taking valuing his employees to an entirely new level.  As stated in an interview with CNNMoney, “in this day and age, there is nothing that makes people loyal to companies anymore.  However, a $50,000 retention incentive can change that.”  Granted, Dan is a small business owner, but any of his 30 full-time employees are eligible.

This is not too good to be true and there are no strings attached.  The incentive is simple:  remain loyal to our company and you’ll get a check for $50,000 after five years of service.  For those employees who continue to stay, the incentive remains the same.  Commit 25 years to the company and you’ll receive a $250,000 check.  Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!  But how can companies (big or small) afford to offer such an incentive?

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“Fall Back” and Fall Asleep

Autumn has come and gone, but many of us in the Midwest (with the above average temperatures) continue to fool ourselves that it’s just late summer or the early part of fall.  Winter is still months away!  I think not.  Winter is right around the corner and turning back the clocks not only marks the end of daylight savings but a season change.  As a result of turning back the clocks, we experience darkness at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, colder weather and changes in people’s moods due to their lack of sleep.

Being productive at work requires people to be positive, well-rested employees.  Let’s look at some practical ways to ease into another season and hopefully get some sleep.

Instead of staying up until 11pm (your regular bedtime) take advantage of the extra hour of sleep, go to bed at 10pm.  Let’s face it, many people are already sleep deprived because of their busy work/life schedules, so why make things more difficult on our bodies?  Catch up on your Zzz’s.  Avoid watching TV or surfing the net before bedtime.  The light emitted from these devices will actually stimulate your brain and give you that “second wind” effect.  You’ll find yourself staying up later than you may have hoped and then battling your alarm clock in the morning.  Instead, cozy up with a book.  When you start feeling sleepy or find yourself nodding off, go to bed. Continue Reading

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Opus College of Business ethics institute renamed ‘Veritas’

41FrnaTEzlL._SS500_[1]An institute at the University of St. Thomas that fosters ethical and socially responsible conduct by businesses and other organizations has changed its name.

The SAIP institute, established five years ago at the university’s Opus College of Business, is now the Veritas Institute. The institute will continue its goal of advancing the common good through positive social impact.

SAIP, the original name, stands for Self-Assessment and Improvement Process, a proprietary method modeled after the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. The method extends the Baldrige approach to issues of business ethics, governance and social responsibility.

“As our organization has evolved over the past five years, our partners and clients have suggested that we need a name that provides a better window on what we offer and value,” said T. Dean Maines, the institute’s president.

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The Business of Golf: Lessons Learned at UST

WirthAs I look over the list of 50+ attendees for the Third Annual Full-time UST MBA Student & Alumni Golf outing this weekend, it reminds me of an article I read online from Inc. Business Lessons Learned on the Golf Course.

The article states that golf “remains one of the greatest ways to build and maintain solid business relationships” and provides 5 of Arnold Palmer’s principles that are relevant to business.  These 5 principles are almost parallel to the strategies discussed in UST’s Graduate Business Career Service’s (GBCS) Career Labs for Full-time MBA students.  Here’s a quick comparison: Continue Reading

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Free Preparation Session for National MBA Conferences, This Weekend

NSHMBA_Conf_prepThe National Society for Hispanic MBA’s (NSHMBA) Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter is hosting a preparation workshop for the NSHMBA National Conference this fall.  Whether or not you are planning on attending the conference or the National Black MBA Association conference, you will find this workshop informational and beneficial for your career search process.

The workshop will be hosted by UST  on Saturday, September 17 from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Commemorating 9/11 on Campus and in the Community

UST 9-11 Memorial

At the University of St. Thomas, the victims of the tragedies of 9/11 were remembered and honored during a Mass on Sunday, Sept. 11, in the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Many on campus and in the community were directly affected by the attacks. Tom Burnett, Jr., a Minnesota native, helped divert his plane and fought back againist hijackers on board United Airlines flight 93.

Earlier this week, Best Buy paid special tribute to those who lost their lives and to those who showed bravery that day.  The celebration of healing and remembrance allowed the community to come together, share their stories, and to bond with each other through similar experiences.

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