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Evening UST MBA Program Pioneers Change – Again

As director of the Evening UST MBA Program and a proud 2009 alumnus, I know firsthand the challenges of completing a rigorous graduate program while balancing a full-time job with other family and personal responsibilities. My wife and I both earned M.B.A.s while working full-time, and our weeknights were often filled by our two kids’ school activities, soccer games and dance practices. I know many of our classroom peers had similar situations and demanding jobs requiring frequent travel and evening work. How could we fit in our MBA study?

For current and prospective UST MBA students facing such schedule challenges, I am excited about the new blended learning options we’ve been developing. UST MBA blended courses will offer the same high-quality, engaging and rigorous learning experience we’ve always offered, but will provide schedule flexibility by leveraging innovative instructional technologies to complement less frequent classroom meetings. Students enrolled in blended courses will only physically attend five, four-hour classroom meetings during the term, but must have ready access to a computer with high- speed Internet services for online interactions with their instructor and classmates during the time between in-person meetings.
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The A Team

Margaret murphy '02 MBA

Margaret Murphy '02 M.B.A. starts from scratch to build an agency for the future.

From the Fall 2011 edition of B. Magazine

Looking out the window of her 20th-floor office toward the North Loop neighborhood, Margaret Murphy ’02 M.B.A., the president and chief operating officer of brand connection agency OLSON, eagerly points out the Ford Center next to Target Field. In early 2012, the top five floors of the former automobile plant will become the new Minneapolis home of OLSON and complete the final stage in the acquisition of Denali Marketing (now known as OLSONdenali) by combining more than 320 employees into one physical space. But Murphy has already been blending the teams, talents and cultures of the two firms, including a recent “hard hat happy hour” mixer in the historic warehouse building before the build out of their future office space began. “It was important to us not to have our ‘first date’ when we moved into the same building,” she remarks.

OLSON was founded in 1992 by now chairman John Olson as a “new media” agency, recognizing the shift of marketing power from the advertiser to the consumer. People were beginning to more actively control when and how they engaged with advertising messages on the television, Internet and eventually their cell phones and mobile devices. Continue Reading

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Supply Chain Management Opportunities Growing for MBAs

A recent article in BusinessWeek highlighted the often underappreciated business function of supply chain management, and the growth in opportunities for business students who focus their studies in this critical operations function.

12242010SantaClaus[1]While perhaps not as flashy as finance or marketing, it is an important and increasingly complex area of the value chain, given the global nature of sourcing raw materials and products.

As I tell my young children, those products on the shelves came from somewhere, and talented supply chain managers make sure they do so reliably, with the proper quantities and delivery timing, and at a competitive price.

These factors are essential for Santa (the main concern of my kids’ inquiry), as we head towards the holidays…I wonder how many supply chain MBA’s work on the North Pole?

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For Part-Time MBAs, a Full-Size ROI


A recent article in Bloomberg Businessweek discussed the return-on-investment (ROI) of the part-time MBA, something I am often asked about.   It is a very important question that should be asked by every working professional considering going back to school – will this significant investment of time, money, and energy provide me with the return I expect?

It is difficult to quantify ROI monetarily for part-time students, as nearly all students come into the program already employed (and some already making significant salaries), many switch jobs while in the program, and often graduates don’t move positions until well after completing their degree.  So the time to recoup the investment varies widely per each student’s individual situation.  But as the article points out, ROI from the MBA can also come in other valuable forms: Continue Reading

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Here’s the Memo on Effective Business Writing

business_writing_picture[1]The Wall Street Journal recently featured an interesting article about the communication skills of M.B.A. students, or more accurately, the lack of effective business communication skills.  Many M.B.A. programs are increasing emphasis on these skills in response to the feedback of employers.

Laura French is the writing coach for the Full-time UST MBA program communication labs, part of the curriculum since its inception in 2004.  She agreed that the writing that earns high grades in an academic setting can be very different from what’s required for effective business communication. Continue Reading

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