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Internship Over, Now What?


Thrivent Financial, Mayo Clinic, Target Corporation, and General Mills, just a few of the great organizations students in the Full-time UST MBA class of 2014 interned with this last summer. 97% of this year’s full-time MBA cohort completed an internship. Business cards were shared, happy hours attended, but days in the office are turning into days in the classroom. This should signify a shift in thought for many, but each student can now apply many new business practices learned through direct experience.

The skills you gain in an internship can be be what sets you apart from the rest in applying for a post-MBA job. In order to capitalize on that though there is a lot to do during the school year. Below is a quick to-do list to ensure you fully utilize the experiences you had this summer.


What to do after the internship: Continue Reading

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Career Link: The Culture Match


At Thanksgiving dinner last year, someone casually asked one of my relatives when he planned to retire. He pulled out his iPad and had down to the hour, minute, and second how long it would be until that moment. It made me realize that my career philosophy was very different than his. I realized that I never wanted to be in a position of being so ready to be done with my career that I counted down the minutes. Rather, I’d prefer to be so driven by my work that the days fly by. Now don’t get me wrong, I love heading home on a Friday, but I also love the feeling of having a purpose I’m excited about when I go into work on a Monday!

If you want to enjoy your career, and all the steps along the way, it’s important to have similar values as the company you work for. If the majority of my leadership team and employees had the same mindset as my relative, I likely wouldn’t feel the same satisfaction in my job as I currently do.

Ask yourself: Does my leadership team look at this company, my role, and ultimately my work dramatically different than I do?   Continue Reading

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Career Link: Poised for Success


Is your body language helping – or hurting – your career?

When properly used, body language can be your key to greater success. It can help you develop positive business relationships, influence and motivate the people who report to you, improve productivity, bond with members of your team, and present your ideas with more impact. Take a look at Carol Goman’s article on Forbes’ website — a dozen tips for using body language to project confidence, credibility, and your personal brand of charisma.

Victor1558 / Foter / CC BY

Goman’s tips on body language hit many key points squarely on the head.  How we are view or branded depends so much on how our physical appearance comes across to others we meet, work with or socialize with. Our presence is conveyed in how we carry ourselves in daily life.  From the first handshake and looking in the eye to the final salutation and departure.  Our initial and ending interactions are what form the lasting memory of our brand.

The points that Goman makes about a firm handshake, our physical posture and stance to our voice pitch can make a dramatic difference when looking for a job or keeping a job. Here’s my take on her advice – Tom’s Top Ten Body Language TipsL Continue Reading

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Career Link: How Recruiters Work For You



Are you currently on the hunt for a new career opportunity? Recruiters can be an extremely useful resource for job seekers in a number of ways. And even if you’re not currently looking, it never hurts to have a relationship with a recruiter, as they’ll always have you in the back of their mind when discovering new career opportunities!

Top 4 Reasons to Work With Recruiters:

1. Recruiters have access to the hidden job market. Not all job opportunities that recruiters work on are hidden. However, most are.  Recruiters are typically called on when organizations are looking for a specific skill-set, or when they are in a confidential replacement situation.  Roles like these are not going to be on LinkedIn or other job boards. Continue Reading

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Career Link: Dating your Boss


There are hundreds of online dating sites, and more than a third of all married american couples now meet online, so they must be doing something right.  Online daters answer questions to match their wants and needs to those of other users and once matched, communication ensues in a controlled format by each user.


Questions all users complete can include: do you smoke, are you a morning person, would you prefer a night at a rock concert or a rented movie at home?  I’m not sure if the questions are the most hard hitting, but with 1 in 5 relationships now starting online, people are using these sites as a way to connect. This service, or any other online platform, provides an opportunity for many to be completely honest or dishonest with the real world as well as with themselves. Sadly, profiles of any social media platform are typically over-embellishments; so a user profile could quite possibly be a false advertisement for an overweight, unemployed, far-too-social-drinker named Bob, displaying himself as a conservative family man.

So this got me thinking, sure there are personality assessments, interest questionnaires and motivational analysis tests that almost every job seeker and college student take.  These assessments tell people what they should do with their lives based on what they are good at or would enjoy doing. These tests can be incredibly helpful, but the outcome isn’t: the average person will have at least 10 different occupations prior to retirement. Yet online dating services claim to match an individual with whom they should be with for the rest of their lives. Continue Reading

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Career Link: Apps for Applying


The days of job searching with newspapers and we’re hiring notices have long since passed.  Today a job seeker can find a job and apply from a mobile device.  To make that process easier, here are the best applications for your handheld

Top 10 FREE Apps for your Job Search


Free, online cloud storage system which allows users to save photos, documents, presentations and projects with any person who has an email address.  Great for quick resume updates, on the spot presentations and document sharing. Search Jobs iPhone App (free)
The Search Jobs iPhone App allows job seekers to search for jobs, save jobs, and email job listings so you can access them from your computer.

With the use of an ipad, users can write and send personal handwritten thank you cards without the sluggishness of snail mail.

Indeed (free)
Similar to the online website, the application allows you to search and save occupation searches and email listings to yourself or others.

LinkedIn (free)
LinkedIn, the mecca of all online professional networking sites provides access to profiles, contacts and a plethora of articles and resources.  LinkedIn allows users to take their professional network with them wherever they go. Continue Reading

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Learn the 12 Steps to Mastering Communication at Master’s Connection


Effective communication is required for all employees, from the CEO to the receptionist.  Speaking clearly, effectively, and succinctly easily separates those who can lead from those who follow. Communication is a part of every aspect of business and comes in all forms including email, text and of course tweets of 140 characters or less.  During our July Masters Connection, our speaker Molly K. Olson will share twelve steps to assist with effective communication and most likely give your career that extra boost.

Join us and you will learn to: img_olson_molly

  • Identify 12 communication habits that hinder connections and prevent respect
  • Develop a deeper understanding of specific behaviors that create misunderstandings and conflict
  • Recognize behaviors that cause others to react defensively or argumentatively
  • Gain awareness of why communication can break down with just one thing said the wrong way
  • Understand the importance of adjusting your approach to foster the dialogue and collaboration necessary to be an effective leader

Continue Reading

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Career Link: Interim for Interns



The Full-time UST MBA class of 2014 embarked on more than 30 different internships this past month, many of which were outside Minnesota’s borders.  As the days continue to fly by, Graduate Business Career Services would like share a few internship tips before the green leaves of summer change to autumnal shades of fall.

Hopefully you are enjoying your summer internship experience.  By now, you know what you are expected to do and when it needs to be done.  And, you are doing a great job, exceeding expectations.

But wait, there’s more to the internship than doing it well.  Here are some suggestions to ensure you make this a great summer internship experience.

If you haven’t done this already, do it now:   Continue Reading

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Career Overview: Consulting


A career in consulting has many benefits, only a number of which most people are aware. Given the economic conditions over the past few years, many individuals had come to view their career as something they needed to protect ­– where stability had become the best possible job benefit. Unfortunately, many people found their “stable” jobs to be anything but that. I’d wager most people would assume a career in consulting would have resulted in a similar outcome, given the assumption that a career in consulting is less stable than a full-time career as a salaried employee. This assumption, I’d argue, is false.


In his book Free Agent Nation, Daniel Pink discusses four major elements that make up a current cultural phenomenon that is guiding a greater percentage of the population to consider a career in consulting – a career as a free agent.

  1. Now that job security is dwindling, employees who had once given their loyalty to companies for the benefit of security are now starting to pull away.
  2. Tools of wealth generation are becoming easier to use…and more affordable.
  3. Now seeking long-term prosperity, people are focusing more on creating a meaningful life, rather than on making more money.
  4. Companies are not lasting as long as they used to. For example, Netscape had a four-year life cycle from formation to demise.

A career in consulting is quite flexible in nature. A contract can last anywhere from three months to three years and beyond. Companies like to have the right people at the right time on their team. Rather than hiring a number of full-time employees “just in case” they might need them, hiring consultants allows companies the ability to have “just-in-time” fulfillment. Additionally, from a company’s perspective, the price of hiring a consultant is often a known fee, paid out over the course of the assignment. Hiring a full-time employee, on the other hand, puts the company in the position of paying a recurring fee. For this reason, companies needing to cut costs, often consider terminating full-time positions in order to minimize recurring fees. Given this trend, a career in consulting can prove to be a more stable option than a career as a full-time employee.

Four additional benefits of having a career in consulting: Continue Reading

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Too Late To Negotiate


It’s been said that professionals can lose upwards of $50,000 during their professional career simply by not negotiating during the job offer. While it is true that once a job offer is rejected, in hopes of negotiating a better deal, the company has a right to choose another candidate, it is less likely they will offer it to someone else before attempting an agreement with the top candidate.

There are several steps to consider before accepting any position, let alone your dream occupation.

First consider when the decision needs to be made, a 24 hour grace period should be granted in the very least. Second, always ask for the offer in writing, which includes a suggested start date, benefits package provided by the company, compensation and time off granted. This allows everyone to be on the same page and to maintain transparency throughout the negotiation process.

While most companies say that there isn’t any “wiggle room” for an offered position, there are several options that can be sought after. All of the following are up for debate: compensation, start date, time off, benefits, work schedule, work location (working remotely) and even moving assistance and office location. While a quick “no” can come at any point in the process, the individuals core values and person worth should always ring true when making the final decision. Continue Reading