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Snow Day?

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My daughter is not a fan of “snow days”. She was so happy that Minneapolis did not cancel classes today due to the weather. She eagerly pulled on her snow pants, jacket, hat, mittens and boots and off we went to school 15 minutes earlier than normal. Our regular commute takes about 25 minutes and I drive her to school every day. We arrived safely, with plenty of time to spare. She happily skipped through the snow into the building and couldn’t wait for “morning games” when she could go outside and play. But first, she pulled out her morning worksheet, grabbed a nicely sharpened pencil and got to work on her math worksheet. She knew the order of the day – worksheets, morning meeting, morning games, etc. She knew that today they also had Music and she loves that class. They are practicing for a performance coming up next week. She has been studying her songs for over a month and pretty much has the words, and the hand motions, memorized. Continue Reading

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UST Team Takes Home ACG Cup in Case Competition

ACG 2013A team of MBA students from the Opus College of Business bested competing teams from the U of M Carlson School and U of Iowa Tippie School in the 2013 ACG Cup case study competition last week. The team that took first place and an award of $4,000 included first-year MBA students Ryan Nelson, Jeff Hawkes, Adam Lawrence and Anthony Anderson (pictured at right with Dean Puto).

The ACG Cup is a designed to give students from leading MBA programs across the country real world experience and invaluable insights into mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, financial advisory and private equity. Each case study provides students with a unique opportunity to present valuation, capital markets and M&A strategic advice to a panel of seasoned M&A professionals from within the ACG community. The competition is carried out through a series of intra-school and  regional competitions, with regional winners awarded the prestigious ACG Cup title and cash awards. Continue Reading

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A 2-year Transformation is Complete for the Full-time UST MBA class of 2012

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  – Margaret Mead

Full-time UST MBA Class of 2012

It was August 2010 when the Class of 2012 started their Full-time MBA program at UST.  This would also mark my 2-month anniversary of employment in the MBA program office.  Over the next 2 years I would see a transformation, not only in the students, but also in myself as we progressed through this program together.  We started out together, not really knowing what to expect from this experience.  Looking around the room at the group of 40 students I felt an immediate connection to them.  I had gotten to know some of them a little bit over the summer and then all at once, here they were ready to take on a brand new experience that would change their world forever.

I was impressed with this group of students just from reading their admission applications, but you don’t truly get to know someone until you spend time talking with them in the hallways, the elevators, and the place we all called home, the MBA Commons.  I learned about families, about their dreams for the future, their struggles with managing their time and thoughts about where they would be after graduation.  Every semester brought with it a new experience, from Launch to Links to ABR projects that seemed to last an eternity.  But they all made it through, completed their summer internships and they are now in the final days of their MBA program. Continue Reading