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Opus Magnum Top 10 of 2012: #5

MichaelsonAs the new year starts off, we’re counting down the ten most popular posts on Opus Magnum from 2012. Today we’re at #5, a fitting post for the new year, too if you’re sitting there in your office and wondering where your job/career may take you in 2013. We asked Christopher Michaelson, Ph.D., “What is meaningful work?”

His most surprising finding?

After several years of talking with people about meaningful work, it should no longer surprise me to meet people for whom meaningful work is not seemingly a high priority. However, it does continue to surprise me. Usually what I find is that there are competing pressures preventing them from seeking meaningful work. Those pressures will continue to hold sway if we don’t, as a society and species, continue to examine and refine our values that determine why we do what we do.

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